Sina Financial News on August 13, according to the Hong Kong Economic Times reported that in recent years the Central Valley power saving and environmental protection industries, the State Council, the final push "on accelerating the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry," clearly states will launch a series of incentive policies, news-related shares rose sharply, Guodian Technology & Environment (01296) Jin Biao%。   According to the views that the central deployment of key areas of energy and environmental protection industries and key projects, the relevant industry output target average annual growth rate of more than 15% in 2015 to an annual turnover of one trillion yuan to become a new pillar industry of China's economy。   New environmental standards stimulate demand for equipment present, many companies have problems financing environment protection and energy bottlenecks, increase energy conservation center so special funding for the industry, while the implementation of coal-fired power plant desulfurization, denitrification tariff, and improve the urban sewage, garbage disposal fees policies。
  Since the central government will increase efforts to assessment and evaluation of key energy-consuming enterprises, many power plants and cement facilities are required to install desulfurization and denitrification equipment to comply with new environmental standards in the construction construction of desulphurization, water treatment, solar energy and other environmental and energy-saving projects State power desulfurization equipment rental Central Bureau of great benefit, so the share price rose significantly yesterday, turnover has increased to nearly 30 million yuan。   Look forward to economic recovery and growth in resource stocks comeback in sewage treatment and related facilities construction and management of the Tianjin Environmental Protection (01065) and BEWG (00371) yesterday also rose more than 3%。   While the Central Valley of energy-saving environmental protection industry, the economy also pick up July economic data than the market expected, electricity, gas and water production and supply growth accelerated, then the market hopes to regain growth momentum in the local economy, stimulate resource stocks comeback。
  Coal stocks following last week's five-liter, gain another victory yesterday, Yanzhou Coal (01171) rose to a turnover of billion yuan, Shenhua (01088) and China Coal (01898) both rose nearly 5%, and the turnover of billion one hundred million yuan。
Cement stocks also angry, TCC (01136) L% (00691) Also projectile%。
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