Into middle age, something more, Everlasting, pressure。
Then we are not allowed to go the wrong way, and then ask the wrong person, the wrong meal to eat age。
Despite having left you in every possible way, we can not hold back the years rush, you have ten thousand do not want to, but also must understand the mission of the middle-aged。
The sigh of regret into calm and quiet, the impulse and passion into indifferent and quiet, the confusion turned into a boat, and then a big wind also forward。  First, middle-aged people do not eat three meals of rice [1] too much, can not eat – into middle age, health issues are particularly important, especially in eating, drinking large mouth, large pieces of meat, when passed, remember live, for your stomach, to your blood pressure, eat ten million do not overeat, especially dinner。  [2] too much oil can not eat rice – born diseases rests with fat, oil and high-energy stuff that accumulate in your body, be converted into fat, middle-aged people to have a great health hazard, so, still eat light food, eat greasy food, cooking at home, and do not in order to allow more fragrant rice and put too much oil, eat too much oil, 100 victims without a profit。  [3] Please act can not eat rice – through the workplace or business field of hard work, middle-aged people have some relationship, have become more contacts to find people you will work gradually increased, people ask you to eat natural also increased, remember the word "eat other people's mouth is short, take people's hands short", this meal is best not to eat, things to do can do, can not do turned down。  Second, middle-aged people do not mess with the three conditions [1] to reconcile the situation does not provoke – in middle-aged people will be more and more emotional issues, so your friends and family, you will find a number of emotional problems to mediate, what derailment , what people look for, and what an affair, and what behavior is not normal and so on, do not fall into this whirlpool to go inside, to be honest, a couple but this situation is unlikely to heal, to when people broke up, you two do not fall complain that there is hatred may sit down, so do not provoke this situation。
  [2] does not provoke an affair – often middle-aged man suffering from emptiness fear of being alone two couples busy career, it will often be tempted by extramarital affairs better stimulation, a bit like the impulse to want to try and remember, but a man deflowered , will be insane irrational, but wait until you are awake, everything is irreparable, decades-run happiness will be destroyed, so do not provoke affair。  [3] do not mess with Uncle siblings love – now middle-aged woman like many xiaonianqing charm mature, and many girls prefer sedate middle-aged man of style, it will be a lot of bad feelings siblings, love uncle, also known as Sister control brother, uncle control, how many people did not come into the plant, the RMB is not cheated, cheated is empty the body, so the situation does not provoke siblings love uncle。  Three, three middle-aged people do not seek [1] bad feelings of the people can not find – middle-aged man is the most dangerous emotion when facing the outside of the outer husband male flowers, woman home, a lot of people to seek damage the man marriage and feelings, feelings for the destruction of the family man, you imagined they would take the initiative to put people back to you, ask that they use are not?So, bad people can not find love。  [2] fallen man can not find – we do not want someone as good with yourself, for those who stoop of, do not have any hope, they not only do not be accomplished, also typically bad for you, so, not make fallen man。
  [3] ups and downs of the people can not find – all the ups and downs of people who understand how to protect yourself out the truth, act more cautiously, when he was depressed, it does not matter how high he usually does not do any help people take risk things, so people can not ups and downs of demand。