Powered model aircraft community so that students dream come true for 34 years does not leave homework!Three presidents relay "high class" does not leave a job and improve performance whether conflicts?Shenyang Railway Elementary School fifth gives a nearly perfect answer in 34 years of practice。
  When many parents run in tutoring classes for doing their homework with the kids and anxiety, the primary school three presidents insist on 34 years without leaving any written homework, the implementation of education reform pilot pleasant, efficient integration of student interest in learning to lead, in a pleasant reducing the burden upgraded under the concept of education。   40 minutes to the quality of the classroom "teaching only do not understand the teacher, not the child can not learn。
Knowledge on so many points, no need to repeatedly practice homework。 "Xiu Jin said the old headmaster。   Railway five small leaving no written homework from 1984。
At that time, a heavy burden on students, when the president decided to implement Xiu Jin burdens in the school, first carry out a pilot class。 The method is simple: to be effective to the classroom, increase teacher-student interaction, mobilize the enthusiasm of students。 Six months down the pilot classes performed significantly higher than other classes。 Since then, the school not to leave sixth grade homework。
  "High class" is the high-frequency words mentioned in the interview teachers。 "Sea tactical is a misunderstanding, teachers should concentrate most essential knowledge to the classroom, allowing students to achieve the effect of replication。
"The current principal at Ying said, teachers should ensure that students in each class, every day, at every stage of knowledge can be learned in the classroom absorbing all, is called 'three clear' system。   In order to achieve the "three clear" in the five small railway, teachers put a lot of energy on lesson planning, teaching exchange, guarantee high-quality teaching。 After the fifth grade came in five small railway Miao teachers, school leaders all collective lectures, for her advice, guidance to improve classroom teaching, in 2017, the "good classroom teaching competitions Zone of Peace" campaign, she won the senior title language subjects。   To improve students' ability to learn effectively, the school set up a mini-training courses 15 minutes every afternoon。
Low-grade writing limit, limited memory, high-grade mind mapping finishing AC Micro curriculum, so that students remember, listen, generalization and other capabilities have increased dramatically, greatly improving the quality of students' thinking。
  34 years ago, five small railway served three presidents, leaving no written homework tradition has been preserved。 For the current president Yu Ying, the pressure does not insist on leaving homework to bear in these years only to rise: despite the elimination of a small rise in early, but academic pressure forward, the parents of the children look forward to a higher, all kinds of examinations difficulty is also rising without leaving the job this trick can also be easy to use?  "As long as the correct educational philosophy, determined to adhere to the 'autonomous and efficient' classroom teaching can be achieved, there is no need homework。 "Starting to work on the railway five small, explore 'students, ie future' education advocates from Yu Ying taught for 26 years, to foster student core literacy, to provide appropriate education for children as a core concept, developed a school of education policy and action Strategies。
  Today, the railway five small three campuses has 67 classes, more than 3100 students, all still insist on leaving no written homework。