February 3 is the beginning of spring solar terms, after the beginning of spring to eat what food is good?Now is the winter and spring, turns warm again in early spring, the weather is still cold, human physiology for the winter while the contraction type, one would then need to spring into hyperactive type, the need to repeatedly change adjustment。Diet conditioning on spring also spread many, called "Eat Spring" on TCM。  Peanut and black sesame peanut and black sesame seeds are the food of choice for 30-year-old women, mainly due to they are rich in vitamin E, as well as to prevent pigmentation of the skin, to avoid the stain, the formation of melasma。Synthesis of sesame seeds contain powerful anti-aging substance sesamol is important to prevent aging women nourishing food, which the vitamin B family is also very rich in content, can promote the body's metabolism, but also help estrogen and progesterone。  Walnuts pine nuts corn soup walnuts and pine nuts are female classic nourishing food, beauty and Breast, they are rich in vitamin é and zinc will help nourish the skin, delay skin aging。They protein, minerals, vitamins B content is also very rich in beauty salons to share。
Production method is very simple, take appropriate broth, add sugar and corn, small fire stew cooked, sprinkle with walnuts and pine nuts and serve immediately。  Is respected Chinese yam yam tonic share, with spleen and kidney, fill the role of fine Qi。Chicken livers are rich in iron, zinc, copper, vitamin A and B vitamins and so on, not only conducive to the synthesis of estrogen, blood or the food of choice。
Lettuce is rich in dietary fiber beauty vegetables。Three combined, has nursed back to blood, improvement of moisture and color sense skin。
  Yam preparation, lettuce, chicken liver, salt, monosodium glutamate, broth, starch。First yam, lettuce, peeled, washed, cut into strips。Liver washed with water, cut into pieces。Then yam, lettuce, chicken livers and other raw materials were boiled in boiling water。
Finally, put some oil in the pan, down into all the raw materials after adding the right amount of soup, seasoning, duplicating the number, thicken after edible。
  Soybeans and soy beans and green beans not only rich in protein, lecithin, also contain phytoestrogens, isoflavones that can effectively improve the level of estrogen in the body, so that more young and beautiful women, but also has isoflavones to prevent bone the role of loose。Many people only know trotters is beauty to share, but do not know chicken wings also contains large amounts of collagen and protein content is higher than trotters, it and soybeans, green beans with food, to increase skin elasticity, skin moisture very useful。
  Production of materials needed: soy beans, green beans, chicken wings, salt, MSG, cooking wine, broth。
First, soybeans, green beans, chicken wings and other raw materials into the casserole, add some broth, stewed low heat, and finally salt, MSG, cooking wine seasoning, and serve the。
  After the beginning of spring, four women will eat health food ,,!。