Send foci hold more night when the evening。
First family kitchens, put on the table, incense to the shrine located in the kitchen wall in the Kitchen God, and for the use made of caramel and face Tanggua etc.。
Then the bamboo strips tied into the paper feed horses and cattle fodder。
Caramel worship the Kitchen God, let his old sweet mouth。
In some places, will be sugar coated around the Kitchen God's mouth, while Tu says: "good words to say, do not say bad words。
"This is the Kitchen God's mouth stuffed with sugar and let him not speak ill。In the book Tang "chariot under the age of mind" in between the "applied to the stove so Siming lees (the Kitchen) drunken" records。After completion of the Kitchen people mouth sugar coating, statues put peeled off, and the paper together with the smoke Assumption。
In some places at night in the yard heap stalks and pine branches, and then for a year as the kitchen god please the shrine, along with paper horses and fodder, set fire。
Yard by the fire will shine brightly, then kowtow family around the fire, while burning prayer edge: this year to twenty three to send the Kitchen God King West。
There are strong horses, there is fodder, bon voyage to peace。
Tanggua sweet for the sweet, please enter good words for Jade。When sending Kitchen God, in some places there are a number of beggars, disguise, went house to house singing songs send Kitchen God, Kitchen God sent jump dance, called "Song Zaoshen" in exchange for food。Stove sugar practice materials: millet yellow rice seasoning 🙁 In fact, the older practice of no dosing)。
In practice eating sugar small foci of: thoroughly soak kilograms of millet yellow rice, attention insulation, shielding put away, it germination; forty-five days, millet grow a half an inch long white buds; even the germinating millet mill broken, these broken millet with juice with water, sugar is produced stoves "enzyme"。
After the twenty kilograms of small yellow rice boiled rice, dry for a while, and so less hot, he got into making the kind of enzyme, put up a uniform mixing, after a similar period of "fermentation" of time, in the yellow rice starch will be converted into caramel, i.e. the stove sugar; the sugar extraction venues, suffering into a paste in a semi hot pot, after the removal, while not hot air, and put it twisted strip; the semi-dry stove sugar into the cold night outside, because the weather is cold, sugar solidifies the stove, crisp bite them Gabbana。Note too small of 2 years, pre-dinner drink a bowl of soup is too small years have sumptuous dishes are then less than this。
So, pre-dinner drink a bowl of nutritious, low-calorie soup, fish soup, vegetable soup, soup can。This way you will not eat during a meal too much。
Special nutrients appropriate pre-dinner drink soup, and the soup can promote microcirculation, 50-59 years old 10 years is the body's micro-circulation decline from prosperity to the transition period, bone aging fast speed, drink soup bones may receive the efficacy of the drug is difficult to achieve。Bouillabaisse soup contains a special anti-fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory effects, to treat lung airway inflammation and prevent asthma attacks, most effective for children with asthma。For more information, please visit 6681 health network!。