Pictured Czech captain Malik Susie。
 Yujing Since the Czech team "Capitol" arrived in China Cup stadium, leaving the players to adjust the state, formation of run-time is not much, Karel Jarolim how to schedule the players and the team against Uruguay, became the focus of media attention。   "I'm looking forward to tomorrow against Uruguay, this is a good training opportunity for us, we also began to prepare for the autumn European League。
"Karel Jarolim said he hoped to have more players can participate in the tournament, but it can also be adjusted according to the player's own state。
  First race with Suarez, Cavani and other strong competitors on the touch, the Czech team captain Malik Susie said, I believe this is a good game, the other team has the world's top players。 "We'll be mentally prepared, we make every effort to race, I believe we can cope better。 "As the current Chinese team have the sole Russian Cup World Cup qualifying, Uruguay team in the tournament compelling。
In this regard, Uruguay coach Tavares said that as Russia's World Cup just around the corner, Uruguay cherish every warm-up match, this happens between China Cup FIFA match date, which is an important time of the training team。
  "Every player in the team is very important, not just rely on Cavani and Suarez。 "Tavares said that Russia is preparing for the World Cup, Uruguay had already experienced some games, this time focusing on China Cup accumulate experience, rather than test the players and formation。   Gree 2018 · China Cup International Football Tournament will be held in Nanning, Guangxi March 22 to 26。 Chinese team and the Wales team the evening of 22 first started the opener; 23 by Suarez and Cavani of Uruguay led team will clash with the Czech team; third-place game and championship final will be the 26th。