A student taking an exam。  Zhang Chen Wing Photo Network exam paper exam Compared to the previous, with a low risk, high efficiency characteristics。 In the past, sending papers back and forth and answer sheet there is a higher risk of loss, and the students fill out the answer sheet is missing, fill the wrong situation also prone。
"Now, each candidate can independently complete an examination on the dedicated computer, simple and efficient。
"Said Shi Shuo。   A Chinese man named Angie students participated in the exam paper before。 After attending the network test, he said, the answer can be quickly and easily enter a computer, and are less prone to error。
  In Nepal, the development and popularization of the Internet in the ascendant。 In the near future, more students can complete the exams, registration, payment and other matters in your own home。 HSK thus more convenient。
  Provide technical support for the network test Pula Bin said, the implementation of network test in Nepal, computer, network quality is not high and can occur at any time of the power failure is an important challenge。 "I hope in the future, these issues can be satisfactorily resolved。 "He said。
  Currently Professor of International Confucius Classroom for the nearly 2,000 Chinese students。
Shi Shuo said the HSK test network will open the door to more students。