Economic Information Daily January 26, the domestic refined oil retail price usher in a new round of adjustment window。
"Economic Information Daily" correspondent learned from a number of social monitoring bodies, currently estimated magnitude hovering around 50 yuan / ton red line, or a slight increase is expected when stranded。   Recent international oil prices remain high and volatile movements overall, Brent shot up to $ 70 / barrel after the down turn。 Although US crude oil production showed signs of recovery, but many oil-producing countries have expressed their determination to cut this long to eat the "assurance", coupled with continued low inventory, International Monetary Fund (IMF) raised the global growth expectations, the dollar fell below the 90 mark and other factors, have provided strong support for the bottom of the oil market。
  As of January 23 closing, the New York Mercantile Exchange, March delivery of light crude rose US dollars, to close at $ a barrel, or%。
March Brent crude futures for delivery in London rose $, to close at $ a barrel, or%。   China's "oil price management approach", the domestic gasoline and diesel prices once the price adjustment to take effect when published 24 days for the price adjustment based on working day adjusted every 10 international oil price changes。 When the amplitude is lower than the price per tonne 50, no adjustment, or the accumulated time offset into the next price。   Beijing time on January 24, Yu information is estimated crude rate of change%, crude oil valuation Zhongyu US dollars / barrel, compared with the benchmark up $ / barrel, temporarily expected 24 January 26 zero refined oil price raised 60 yuan / Ton。 The Year of long public information and estimates of the magnitude of both gasoline and diesel prices by 55 yuan / ton, consider a new round of oil price adjustment window will open 24 January 26。 However, oil analyst Zhuo record information Zhangzhao Xin believes that the current round of oil price increase rate is likely less than 50 yuan / ton, so the current round of refined oil retail price adjustment will be achieved for the first time or ran aground during the year。
  Cai Jian Ma Zhongyu information analyst said the market outlook, the international crude oil still downward pressure on the domestic market, the current round of retail price increase is still possible or stranded。
With the approaching end of the year, the end-user to start or continue to decrease, leading to further reduce diesel demand, limited industry market operations, the manufacturer does not rule out high inventories continue to increase promotional efforts。
Petrol With the gradual arrival of the Lunar New Year holidays, demand is more robust, part of the industry or advance stocking, expected short-term trading better than domestic gasoline and diesel。