Chinese Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua, Chinese ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua recent interview with the Nihon Keizai Shimbun: written interview (Chinese edition Nikkei Chinese network), on the "area all the way" strategy of China pursued, Asian investment bank, the hot issues of Sino-Japanese relations have been answered, details are as follows: Reporter: What is the purpose of China put forward "Marine Silk Road" and "Silk Road economic belt" initiative is?  Cheng Yonghua: Currently, the world economic recovery is weak, Asian arduous task of economic restructuring, infrastructure interoperability in full swing。Highly correlated Chinese economy and the world economy, bringing in and go out and try。China maintains that countries should establish the fate of the real sense of community, seek common interests in the development of the greatest common divisor。Against this background, the fall of 2013, when President Xi Jinping visit to Kazakhstan and Indonesia proposed to build a "Silk Road Economic Belt" and "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" initiative, collectively, "along the way"。  Along the line "along the way" to emerging economies and developing countries as the main body, are highly complementary industrial structure, it is the most promising economic zone。At the same time, countries along the still face serious developmental problems。"Along the way" initiative can be said to be the right time, with the aim, to cultivate new growth point of the world economy, promote regional cooperation and promote the free flow of orderly economic factors, accelerate interoperability Asia, Europe and Africa continent and nearby oceans, explore the potential of regional markets, improve the status of Asia in the global supply chain, industrial chain, value chain, enhance the exchange of ideas and civilization of the people along the national mutual learning。"Along the way" to infrastructure construction as the focus and priority, fit the actual needs of the Eurasian continent, contributes to China and its neighbors, and Asian and European countries development strategies docking, more closely woven network of common interests, the interests of both sides to enhance the integration of to a higher level, so that the neighboring countries benefit from China's development, but also to China and help to get benefit from the common development of the surrounding countries。"Along the way" initiative will be strong overall revitalization of Asia two wings to help connect parts of Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, West Asia and Europe, to achieve national, sub-regional intergovernmental exchanges, complementary advantages, build and sound Asian supply chain, industrial chain and value chain, boost Pan Asia and Asia-Europe cooperation。  "Along the way" is jointly uphold the construction, build, shared principles, not closed, but open and inclusive。Not a replacement for the existing regional cooperation mechanisms and initiatives, but to have been based on, pushing along the countries' development strategies interface with each other, complementary advantages。Since a year and a half, there have been more than 60 countries and international organizations along the initiative expressed a positive attitude, "along the way" construction has entered a new stage of pragmatic cooperation。  March 28, China issued the "Vision and Action", "push for Change" along the way, this document can be seen as "along the way," the white paper or framework document。It argues that land together to create a new Eurasian Continental Bridge, Mongolia, Russia, China – Central Asia – West Asia, China – International Economic Cooperation Corridor Indochina and other offshore places smooth construction of safe and efficient transportation avenue as the goal, to build sea economic corridor。In the future, China will strengthen the framework document along the same below national cooperation in infrastructure interoperability, energy resources, trade and investment, industrial, financial, cultural exchanges and environmental protection, maritime cooperation, focusing on good job of major projects for early harvest, better benefit of all the people。  Reporter: build infrastructure investment bank in Asia to play what role in promoting "along the way" concept?  Cheng Yonghua: October 2013, when President Xi Jinping's visit to Indonesia was first proposed to build infrastructure investment bank in Asia this initiative。Initiative was put forth that is widely supported, positive repercussions in many countries。Last October, finance ministers and authorized representative of the 21 founding members of the first batch of intent signed in Beijing, jointly decided to set up Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank。As of April 15, more than 57 countries officially became a founding member of the Asian investment bank intentions, this table Minya investment bank to promote infrastructure development in Asia and the Asian economic development purposes has been widely recognized, the more representative and extensive。  Infrastructure investment in Asia the huge demand, existing financing institutions can not meet the financing needs of the construction。Some more investment and financing platform, select some more foreign capital and loans cooperative, for Asian countries is a good thing。China proposed the establishment of Asian investment banks can be said right time。Asian investment bank will be the international practice, to fully draw on existing multilateral financial institutions, long-term accumulation of theoretical and practical experience, the establishment of the Board, the Board and management three-tier management structure, and establish an effective monitoring mechanism to ensure efficient decision-making, public and transparent。Asian investment banks and other multilateral development institutions, the relationship between financial firms are complementary rather than substitutes for one another, it is to improve the existing international economic and financial order, rather than challenge。China, as the Asian investment bank originator and the World Bank, ADB country's significant shareholders, investment banks in Asia and to build the future course of the operation, will actively promote Asian investment banks and the World Bank, ADB and other multilateral development banks existing cooperation。  Financing is to promote "along the way" the construction of key aspects of Asian investment bank investment and financing platform is a process of。China will deepen financial cooperation with countries along to promote monetary stability system, investment and financing system and the construction of credit system in Asia。Give full play to the role of sovereign funds, to guide commercial equity and social capital to participate in "all the way along the" key projects。At the same time in addition to Asian investment bank, China will also play a good role of the existing bilateral and multilateral funds。  Reporter: In order to achieve "along the way" concept, Japan and China can cooperate to carry out what?  Cheng Yonghua: "along the way" throughout China, "pro, honesty, Hui, Yung," the diplomatic philosophy surrounding, promote peace and friendship, openness and tolerance, mutual benefit and win-win spirit of the Silk Road, will provide a solid basis for building the Asian community of destiny。Since a year and a half, "along the way" to promote the construction, attracting many countries along the wide and enthusiastic participation。Relevant national enthusiasm for this initiative is not accidental, the reason I think we can say that there are three。First, many Asian and European countries once the ancient Silk Road pioneer and beneficiaries, have a strong response to the spirit of the Silk Road。Second, the impact of the current international financial crisis is still inadequate international trade and investment, "along the way" building the right time to help explore the domestic demand, create jobs and foster new economic growth point and new infrastructure investment and financing channels。The third is to promote the initiative when the tightly bound along the country needs and the needs of China's opening to the west country, reflecting the power and responsibility to play。  There is a saying that in Japan, the eastern end of the ancient Silk Road has been extended to Japan, Chinese cultural Sui and Tang dynasties were introduced to Japan through this line, the Japanese people generally on the "Silk Road" has fond memories。"Silk Road exhibition series" and NHK documentary filmed in the 1980's Japan's "Silk Road" caused a sensation in Japan, also reflect this。"Along the way" also provides a new platform for Sino-Japanese cooperation。Japan important countries in the region, as the world's second and third largest economies, the two countries could be explored to strengthen coordination and cooperation in regional and international affairs, carried out jointly in the Asian financial and monetary, infrastructure, interoperability and other areas Cooperation。We hope Japan will actively support China's initiatives in response to jointly contribute to the prosperity and development of the region and the world。  Reporter: Does China expect the Japanese investment bank Jia Ruya?Japan to attend the Asian investment banks What are the benefits?  Cheng Yonghua: AIIB initiative put forward since, China has been an open and tolerant attitude, adhering to the "open regionalism" principle, welcomed the willingness of the national decision as soon as Jia Ruya founding member of the investment bank。China attaches importance to and respect the status and role of Japan in regional cooperation and sincere welcome to actively participate in the construction Japan Asian investment bank, and to Japan-related departments have also been communicating。We hope the Japanese side to open and tolerant attitude towards China related initiatives initiatives, and work together to promote the revitalization of the regional integration process in Asia with China。  Meanwhile, China will respect the decision of the outer region countries, including Japan whether to join the investment bank and when Jia Ruya。Whether Jia Ruya investment bank, China and Japan are willing to continue and strengthen communication and cooperation related parties in the multilateral and bilateral economic dialogue mechanism and the World Bank, ADB and other frameworks, work together to promote the region's economic development and infrastructure construction。  Reporter: This year is the 70th anniversary of the post-war, how China will develop its relations with Japan and Asia?  Cheng Yonghua: November 2014, China and Japan to deal with and improve Sino-Japanese relations reached a consensus on a four-point principles, President Xi Jinping met with Prime Minister Abe during the APEC meeting, China-Japan relations has taken important steps towards improving direction。April 22 this year, President Xi and Prime Minister Abe held during the Asian-African Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia met again, for the continuous improvement of bilateral relations into a new political impetus, pointing out the direction。At the same time it should be noted, Sino-Japanese relations are still fragile side, the two sides should strictly follow the spirit of the four political documents, adhere to the principles of the Sino-Japanese four-point consensus, properly handle major sensitive issues, to ensure that the bilateral relations in the right direction。  This year is the 70th anniversary of the victory of the world anti-fascist war and the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War, for Sino-Japanese relations is a crucial year, opportunities and challenges。Historical political foundation of bilateral relations matter, but also to its own international image of Japan。We hope the Japanese side to take seriously its Asian neighbors, particularly victimized countries of concern, will honor its relevant commitments and stand, to show the face and reflect on the history of sincerity, adhere to the path of peaceful development。  This year the Chinese government will refer to the practice of other countries, held a series of 70th anniversary celebrations。Japan recently some voices that China should take advantage of the 70th anniversary of Japan-bashing and historical issues。This view is wrong, untrue。Chinese government held a grand commemoration, the purpose is to remember history, cherish the memory of martyrs, cherish peace and create the future。About the commemoration not for a specific country, not against Japan today, but not for the people of Japan, the current Sino-Japanese relations and is not directly related。70 years ago, the war of aggression launched by Japanese militarists, to Asian victimized countries, including China, brought grave disaster, the Japanese people have suffered。We have been the Japanese militarists with the people of Japan to treat the majority of the difference, the war criminals and ordinary soldiers treated differently。The war ended 70 years ago, but the international community generally agreed that Japan also carrying this burden, the burden of want to put down, can not be put down, in Japan's own key。  Release on issues related to China a few days ago we noticed during Prime Minister Abe's visit to the US Information。China has always unswervingly take the road of peaceful development, we are committed to building a new type of big power relations with the United States, but also willing to work with Japan to make peaceful development partners。American and Japanese tripartite should go beyond zero-sum thinking, and promote positive interaction relationship between the three countries to jointly make positive contributions to regional and international peace, stability and prosperity。(Source: Nikkei Chinese network)