For women, the "yellow face" must be the most deadly words!Do not want to become a "yellow face", we should eat seven kinds of yellow food, save money and effective!  Chrysanthemum – swelling and soothe the nerves due to the pressure of working life, many friends often insomnia, can not afford to eliminate bags under the eyes, the skin is also more and more rough, these problems can be solved drink chrysanthemum tea, temporary and permanent cure。   Chrysanthemum of cool, Pinggan eyesight, to eliminate puffy eyes with very good results。
  Within a daisy rich in essential oils, chrysanthemum pigment, can effectively inhibit the production of melanin in the skin, softens the skin cells, improve skin problems, with more than affordable skin care products。   Daisy can calm the nerves, soothe nerves, improve sleep quality, a good rest, these issues are resolved。
  Corn – whole grains health modern diet is too fine, eating too little dietary fiber, are toxins accumulate in the body, but also a long spot bad complexion, how can we not look old?  Corn is king of coarse grains in the health, not only rich in dietary fiber, but also diuretic, easily waste from the body, skin beauty Blemish。   Female friends eat corn, but also vitamin é and "longevity factor" glutathione, effective anti-aging, sharpen the young。   Bananas – ease of mind, "smile, ten years less," good or bad influence on the mood of a large body。
People love to laugh look more young and vibrant, a bad mood may wish to eat "Happy Fruit" – bananas。   Bananas contain pantothenic acid and other ingredients, can inhibit the depression, reduce stress, relieve tension, people feel better。   We all know that bananas can be laxative, do both, so how can the United States do not make people happy?  Soy – protein supplement most women can not lack is protein, the protein missing skin will lose elasticity, with the number of skin care products are a waste!  Soy protein content than milk, and more easily absorbed, female friends must eat。   At the same time, eat soy can reduce body fat, rich in isoflavones can activate estrogen, breast hips, create the perfect curve。
  Pumpkin – Jianweixiaoshi skin quality is also related to the digestive function, digestive function is weak, the skin is easy to lose luster。
If you love to eat fried foods, it is easy to become "yellow face" of the。   Pumpkin is Jianweixiaoshi master, can promote bile secretion, strengthening gastrointestinal motility, contain pectin can protect the gastric mucosa, to reduce stomach irritation rough food。   Pumpkin or Chinese medicine approved to share blood, which is rich in iron, cobalt and zinc are good raw blood。 Not only does not eat pumpkin into a "yellow face", but also eat a good color。
  Sweet potatoes – Spleen Qi deficiency will accelerate the aging woman, sallow complexion, wrinkles will gradually increase。 So the old woman did not want to, it is important Spleen!  Sweet potatoes have a lack of tonic, Qi Li, spleen and stomach effect, only one third of the heat, while the Spleen Qi can effectively reduce fat rice。   Potatoes – keeping the skin white whitening skin is every woman's desire for beauty, potatoes can help you achieve, oral and external, full-whitening!  Potatoes are rich in vitamin C, is Apple's 20 times, for skin care, anti-wrinkle whitening have a good effect。
  Potato chips can quickly eliminate eye bags, dark circles, potato juice to make the mask can effectively dilute the stain wrinkles, relieve sunburn, tanning。
  Huang Huang afraid to eat, relaxed away from the "yellow face", is that simple!。