Due to the time of the audit "Not diligence" and received a warning letter and a series of "fines" from the regulators, in the case of suspended undertake new securities not yet reached the time limit, Ruihua Certified Public Accountants (hereinafter referred to as "the Ruihua ") because of the same reason again punished。  In recent years, the Commission for various securities violations remain under a "zero tolerance" approach to combat illegal intermediaries has become a major focus of the work of the Commission inspection of law enforcement。The foregoing this large-scale, high-profile capital market intermediaries, actually within four months regulators are "named" six times, including four administrative penalties, the total amount of 8.97 million yuan confiscated。This also makes it another typical case any inspection of law enforcement。  Shangzheng Bao reporter recently interviewed the investigators, restore details of the case in the process of handling。Intermediaries weight scale expansion and contempt audit quality issues "gatekeepers" lack of independence in this case focused on highlighting the same time, regulators are bright and clear its law, comprehensive, strict regulatory concept of capital market intermediaries, to market sounded the alarm。  Be "named" within four months, six illegal information disclosure of listed companies, intermediaries also to blame。Recently, the Ruihua received a paper ticket from Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau。  Speaking of things from 2013。Multi-pen related party transactions involving financial transactions occur between that time, its controlling shareholder Kingsun Group Co., Ltd. in Dongguan on the ground (hereinafter referred to as "ground on the Group"), but not to be disclosed by law, and use a virtual account for the above transactions financial processing。  According penalty decision show, where the photoelectric Ruihua 2013 annual financial report on the ground to provide audit services to the process of due diligence is not, in the case of knowledge of the auditee fraud risk factors to initiate regulatory inspection of this should be more scrupulously perform auditing duties, but failed accordance with auditing standards, the implementation of the relevant accounts and interest income related audit procedures, photoelectric 2013 annual audit report issued on the ground, false records related parties listed company's capital situation of the special audit report, published an inappropriate audit opinion, in violation of Article 173 of the "Securities Act" constitute the Article 223 case "Securities Act"。  In accordance with relevant regulations, Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau decided to confiscate the business income of 950,000 yuan Ruihua, fined 950,000 yuan, and the executives directly responsible for the aforementioned violations given a warning, impose a fine of 50,000 yuan, respectively,。  In recent years, under the supervision of the punch, and intermediaries "guilt" fines eat and a few examples。But a single agency repeatedly punished in a short time, it is rare。  Shangzheng Bao reporter access to public information found in the past four months, failing diligence, Ruihua has been accumulated by the four administrative penalties and 2 administrative regulatory measures being taken。Previously, Ruihua the Shenzhen Bureau had received a letter of warning issued in November 14, 2016。In December 2016 and January 6, 2017 6, respectively Ruihua received a ticket Shenzhen Bureau and the SFC, were confiscated of business income, impose a fine。  Since these two single ticket in the audit due diligence is not diligence, in mid-February 2017, the Ministry of Finance, Securities Regulatory Commission jointly issued a document, ordered the Ruihua from January 6 to suspend undertake new securities business and rectification。March 13, because of the vibration Longte Ruihua production of financial fraud case "guilt" fined。  According to statistics Shangzheng Bao reporters, arising from either Ruihua the CPA and its associated in the past four months, the amount forfeited a total of up to 8.97 million yuan。  Exceeding punished again relevant investigators told reporters, industry guidelines failure to implement the provisions of the bank account confirmations and procedures for interest income failed to diligently executing the audit program, the audit is Ruihua implementation does not comply with the relevant provisions of the two key point。  Specifically, when Ruihua where in March 2014 on the ground on the photoelectric monetary funds audit in the production schedule of monetary funds, bank accounts and the book has been recorded Checklist Working Papers, complete lists Kingsun deposit accounts , Dongguan, bank accounts and deposit accounts and other bank accounts 28。  "This shows that the above account Ruihua known to exist on a photo book on the ground。"Related officials said investigators。At the same time, monetary funds Ruihua where substantive program of work papers, but also want to be clearly documented audit unit had sent a letter in this issue of deposit money banks, including Bank of zero (balance) account and the account has been settled。But the reason Ruihua Certified Public Accountants in the actual implementation of the program circularization, circularization not implemented the program for the above bank account, nor did not implement the program circularization。  "The investigation of the 28 bank accounts are a virtual bank account, used to cover Kingsun transferred to the ground on the Group's revolving fund and related financing transactions, associated financial dealings involving virtual account 5.14 million yuan。Of these, 13 appear as deposit accounts, by the working papers on Ruihua, a total amount of credit occurred both 1.8.3 billion each CD are no corresponding interest income。"The foregoing investigators say。  Ruihua and in the case where the program is not executed confirmations above bank account, do not have to maintain an attitude of professional skepticism to be appropriate attention to the audit of the abnormal situation and implement appropriate audit procedures。  In addition, listed companies' financial fraud means novel, Kingsun use past experience heavy auditors audited revenues and profits for the audit process Ruihua easy to overlook or not pay attention to the design aspects of financial fraud, the use of temporary deposit accounts and deposit accounts and random write-off characteristics, financial fraud through fictitious time deposits and deposit accounts。Investigators told reporters, which to some extent reflects the audit practice where the process failed to Ruihua cautious in dealing with exceptions for new。  Methodical investigation boils review case investigation process, investigators told reporters, Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau of the photovoltaic sector in the daily supervision carried out on the ground in 2013 annual financial report on-site routine inspections, spot checks by the relevant financial documents abnormal, and then the photo on the ground launched a special inspection and investigation, confirmed the basic information disclosure Kingsun illegal facts。Subsequently, the Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau of the agency is not diligence "zero tolerance" investigated in the end。  First, investigators retrieved the first time Ruihua the audit working papers relating to the 2013 financial report on the photoelectric ground, to ensure that key evidence is not missing or changed。  Then, the investigation team by the Guangdong Bureau of inspectors and personnel of the accounting profession group a comprehensive analysis of audit working papers Ruihua the look out audit problems, thus empathy – that stood in the Ruihua and related audit angle personnel audit in accordance with industry guidelines and professional ethics requirements diligently perform their duties to see if the photo identification on the fact that attendance fraud。This provides support for professional accountants diligence in determining whether。Meanwhile, in order to ensure that offenders fact finding process professional qualitative accuracy, Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau to hire a professional intermediary agencies to assist verification。  Investigation team also made several trips to the bank involved in the relevant evidence, Ruihua verify the implementation of the specific bank confirmations, and learn more about the rules and cancel the account opening process requirements involved confirmations related to bank accounts。  In this process, "Commission inspection departments to actively maintain the accounting department and the punishment appointed professional communication, and strive to fact-finding in line with regulatory policy" is also a case to protect the smooth, accurate and rapid gone through a major core elements。  However, investigation and evidence collection process seems simple, but concise hindsight behind, but in reality is the investigation of the case group to tackle difficult。  Investigators told reporters that the case was a major difficulty is that the massive material and staff shortages in stark contrast。"Kingsun 2013 annual financial report audit working papers up to more than 150 volumes, probably more than 50,000 pages of paper material。"Investigators, who recalls that the investigation team staffing is very limited, which inspectors mainly involved three officers, accounting officers and one group mainly involved in this case compared to the huge amount of work, become stretched。  Nevertheless, in the face of the huge amount of work, the investigation team still showing its super "standby" capability。Almost all overtime from December 2, 2014 to the end of December, the investigation team "in the unit every day until late at night, not open itself in the piles of information, the lianzhouzhuan。"The name represents the investigators。  "Another outstanding issue is the provision of auditing standards are basic principle shall apply hard。"Investigators told reporters that the proposed Ruihua, the authority in charge of Ministry of Finance and the Institute of Chartered Accountants is auditing standards, the SFC as securities regulators, the right to a separate specific provisions applicable auditing standards proposed professional finds。However, "Ruihua argued that the Commission ignored the professional in cases of illegal intermediary institutions, Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau investigators and accounting professional teams are accounting, legal professionals。"The investigators said。  In this way, combined with the specific provisions of auditing standards, working papers and related materials Ruihua comprehensive analysis of the audit and hired a professional agency to participate in the verification, after layers of argument, the investigation team finally verified, identified the illegal activities of the Ruihua。  Intermediaries "gatekeepers" urgent need to strengthen the role of "Ruihua within the three consecutive months by the SFC administrative punishment four times, was also suspended following a new securities business and rectification。This is a manifestation of madness agency in recent years to expand the scale through mergers and acquisitions, etc. but despise a microcosm of audit quality control, but also to increase the Commission to investigate illegal intermediary administrative enforcement of violations。"Related inspectors told reporters。  In fact, intensify punishment for illegal body, including the diversification of the agency, is a major feature of the Commission since last inspection of law enforcement。March 24, SFC spokesman at a regular press conference informed the 2016 annual audit and evaluation agencies to examine handling of。Examination, audit, assessment agencies in internal management, quality control and quality practice project overall has improved, but there are still some problems。  According to inspection, the Commission has five audit of the Audit Zhonghuan Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership), etc., the rating agencies take to make corrections or administrative regulatory measures issued a letter of warning, the relevant people involved have also taken direct responsibility corresponding administrative regulatory measures, and credited to the credit files。In addition, the Commission spokesman said that there is a more serious problem for the quality of individual practitioners, suspected of violating securities laws and regulations of the practice project, has been transferred to any inspection department。  "Commission to encourage capital market intermediaries bigger and stronger, but also attaches great importance to the supervision of the audit, evaluation agencies。SFC will standardize policing actions, innovative forms of regulation, improve regulatory efficiency, continue to strengthen the audit, the main responsibility of rating agencies, the gradual improvement in the matter after the monitoring mechanism, deepen the comprehensive and strict supervision according to law, safeguard market order, improve the capital market accounting information quality and protect the interests of investors。"Commission spokesman said。  The case of the market investigation also sounded the alarm to the parties。  How agencies should maintain the "gatekeepers" of independence, diligence in business, the investigation team told reporters that the case, for example, "accounting firm to maintain formal independence, but also to maintain the independence of substantial , in accordance with industry standards and professional ethics requirements, and effectively perform their statutory duties given to investors intermediary, effectively assume responsibility for audit, good public interest 'gatekeeper'。"(Original title: 'gatekeeper' continuous access 'ticket' regulatory agency punch punish violations) (Editor: DF318)