Decade of sword。Insurance long-awaited personal tax-deferred pension insurance business (hereinafter referred to as "tax extension of old-age insurance") pilot policy has finally landed。  April 12, the Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social, silver China Insurance Regulatory Commission, Securities Regulatory Commission jointly issued the "Notice on the personal tax-deferred pension insurance pilot business" (the "Notice"), from May 1 since, in the Shanghai, Fujian Province (including Xiamen) Suzhou industrial Park and the extension of the pilot tax-type pension insurance, the pilot period of one year provisional。  For the industry is most concerned about personal payment standard tax deduction, "notice" clearly derive income, personal income continuity of remuneration, which paid the premium shall be granted quota deducted in reporting month deduction from taxable income, deduction limit in accordance with the monthly wage and salary, 6%, and 1000 yuan at the lower income approach to determine the continuity of remuneration。  5000 yuan monthly trade deficit enjoy what dividend policy is the extension of old-age insurance tax?Who can enjoy the preferential policy?  The so-called tax extension type pension insurance, refers to the insured before tax premiums, wait until the future to receive insurance money and then pay personal income tax, which can slightly reduce the personal tax burden, encouraging individuals to participate in commercial insurance, improve the quality of old age; the government by delaying payment of such tax incentives to raise pensions, rich security system, which is common practice in the international community。  So, who can enjoy the pilot dividend policy?  Ping An Annuity Insurance Company (referred to as "Ping An Annuity") is the person in charge in an interview with the "International Finance," he told reporters, "from the Ministry of Finance issued a payment limit of view, more than 5000 yuan monthly income consumer groups participate can enjoy dividend policy, the policy will be more popular in middle-income groups。"" Notice "that derive income, personal income continuity of remuneration, which paid the premium shall be granted quota deducted in reporting month deduction from taxable income, in accordance with the same month salary deduction limit, continuity of service 6% and 1000 yuan lower of ways to pay income determined。  Simply put, that is 1000 yuan can enjoy the highest level of payment extension of preferential tax。This projection, the monthly income of 16,666.67 yuan is a critical value。  China International Tax Research Academic Committee Wang Weiqing in the "International Finance News" reporter pointed out that estimates can be divided into two parts: one is the income tax impact of the purchase stage, in part, the impact of income tax collection stage。  Formula for calculating income tax is the purchase stage: the insured monthly income after the deduction of three risk a gold 3500 yuan of personal income tax threshold, multiplied by the income tax rate; receiving stage is: deduct 25% of the allowances, with the remainder multiplied by 10 %tax rate。  Monthly income 16 666.67 yuan, for example, full insurance payment of about 2916.67 yuan, the income tax rate of 25%, in the absence of pension insurance purchase tax extension type of situation, subject to personal income tax 1555.75 yuan; purchase tax extension type of pension insurance, can enjoy 1000 yuan extend tax benefits, after deducting required to pay personal income tax 1305.$ 75 reduced 250 yuan / month。  And then a monthly income of 7132 yuan (Shanghai 2017 average monthly wages) estimated that full insurance paid about 1248 yuan, the income tax rate of 10%, in the absence of pension insurance purchase tax extension type of situation, subject to personal income tax 133.29 yuan; purchase tax extension of old-age insurance, the 427 can enjoy.92 yuan extension of tax benefits, after deducting required to pay personal income tax 90.5-, reduced 42.79 yuan / month。  A senior actuaries of insurance industry told the "International Finance News" reporter, "in the purchase stage, affect the monthly income of between 0-450 yuan, converted into annual income tax impact of between 0-5400 yuan。"It's just affect the purchasing stage income tax。  According to "notice", account capital gains tax temporarily。Commercial pension income individuals receive when predetermined conditions are satisfied, 25% of the parts to be tax-free, the remaining 75% of the portion of the personal income tax is calculated and paid in accordance with the proportion of 10% tax rate, taxes included in "other income" project。  The insurance company conducted an internal estimates based on pilot pay limits: Assuming a 25% tax rate, tax-deferred 250 yuan per month (ie, monthly income 16666.67 yuan insured), 250 yuan for the purchase of these customers related pilot products on the market, if the years into 5%, the corresponding month 0.41%。  If the customer after the age of 40 years, will be 250 yuan per month tax-deferred for the purchase of this product, then ideally, when the customer 60 years of age, can accumulate in the amount of 101 451.12 yuan。  Similarly, after the age of 60 receive a monthly 1050.$ 13, tax to 78.76 yuan to 15 years, for example, also assume an annualized interest rate of 5% in the 60-year-old is now 10032.87 yuan。Deductions 10032.87 yuan, a total tax savings of about 91418.26 yuan。  However, for such a tax extension efforts, the capital's economic and trade University Professor of Insurance Department Tuo Guozhu that "less than expected。$ 1000 limit for appealing high net worth population is not large。In Canada, the usual tax concessions extended up to about 18% of personal income。"" Tax extension of old-age insurance and tax advantages before the launch of health insurance type, as are the products belonging to Pratt & Whitney。"Wang Weiqing told the" International Finance "reporters, 'tax extension type annuity is a developing trend in the future, that is, by way of tax leverage to encourage the purchase of commercial insurance'。  Still in the pipeline when the wait for the insurance company supervision "starting gun", actually overwhelming, false start。  "Notice" should be made after the end of the pilot, the pilot according to the situation, combined with the situation of the third pillar of the pension system construction insurance, financial institutions and the orderly expansion of the range of products involved, the public fund and other commercial products into individual pension accounts investment range, corresponding the board's platform as an information platform for synchronous operation with the Bulgarian letter platforms。  However, the reporter learned from relevant channels, April 11, the first goal of the pension fund has been officially reported。Commission official has disclosed that 41 funds squad。From 41 fund point of view, belongs to the 21 fund companies, larger effort that had reported four breath, Cathay Pacific, China Southern, also reported a 3。  March 2, the Commission formally issued "securities investment fund retirement goal Guidelines (Trial)" since, regardless of the industry or investors, pension funds has been a highly anticipated target。With the fund industry association issued "pension fund managers about the subject securities investment fund registration related matters" on March 12, declared target pension funds entered the final stage。  Instead, the insurance company did not behave quick success。  Ping An Annuity relevant person in charge told the "International Finance News" reporter: "We are actively preparing for, and strive to provide customers the first time a single insurance services; examination of product to demonstrate the product types prevail, the most complete product types intended to be covered by customer demand。At present, the need to wait for the development of business management practices and silver demonstration products under Insurance Regulatory Commission, the company reported after the trial product sold by a single official。"China Pacific Life Insurance Pension cause health center responsible person to accept the" "is revealed during an interview with reporters," International Finance now from our products, technology, personnel, services, and so do the relevant preparations begin, the official policy of the pilot to carry out sales, the company acquired the relevant qualifications。"Specifically in product design, China Pacific Insurance The person in charge," we will strictly comply with policy requirements: First, steady income; the second is a long-term lock; the third is to receive a lifetime。Insurance surnamed Bao, the first protection, after financial management is its principle is the fundamental value of the insurance industry where。The company will be based on the data basis of life table, to provide customers receive diversity, including life-long program and receive not less than 15 years of old-age pension, for customers to choose; Fourth actuarial balance。Product design will take full account of investment yield, expected life factors, population growth, aging speed, etc., to achieve the overall actuarial balance。"The potential long-awaited one hundred billion annual purchasing power。Extension of old-age insurance taxes were high hopes。  Ping An Annuity official forecast, "according to the current tax situation, the potential market is the largest purchasing power more than one hundred billion a year, the real emissions will be affected by many factors, including outreach, market acceptance and maturity of the market, etc.。"It seems in Wang Weiqing," This is a country given to individuals to buy pension products preferential tax policy, can ease the financial pressure on our pension, to enhance the inherent quality of the overall pension system。"" Tax extension of old-age insurance as a landmark event in the construction of the third pillar of the pension system, from the national level, to further improve the country's pension system; from the people level, to further enhance the sense of national pension for people with to more benefits; from the industry level, to further serve the real economy and people's livelihood and promote development。"Ping An Annuity The official stressed。  All along, the "old before getting rich" is the basic national conditions of China's development process can not be avoided, accelerating the aging process, to China's "multi-level" old-age security system has posed a serious challenge。  "In a pillar of dominance, the second pillar of the gradual improvement of contrast, the third pillar of development is seriously lagging behind, resulting in three-pillar pension insurance system framework of difficult to play its due role。"China CPIC Life Health Pension cause analysis center responsible person, at present, a basic pillar of the pension system bear most of the responsibility of the national pension。Two pillars of enterprise annuity and occupational pension after ten years of development, is in the tax policy of continuous improvement and development of the system has gradually process。Three-pillar pension business was sustained and steady development trend overall, but smaller, insufficient coverage。  "Tax extend old-age pension insurance is not just to promote business growth into the 'fast lane', more to ease the financial pressure of pension to some extent,。"Tuo Guozhu said," the next few years, as China entered the aging society, pension payments will be increasing pressure, need to find the 'blood transfusion' funds。The ratio of "The actuary data provided to reporters showed three places participation in the pilot, Shanghai, Suzhou and Fujian Province, more than 60 years of age accounted for the total population were 31.57%, 25.21%, 13.73%。Among them, the aging situation in Shanghai and Suzhou city is very serious, the situation is relatively good Fujian。  In the actuary's view, "these three places have a relevant representative, it is conducive to the promotion of follow-up exploration experience。"(Original title: monthly income of more than 5,000 people must see!Annuity tax extension "ice-breaking", a monthly income of 16,666.67 yuan 250 yuan can pay less tax) (Editor: DF305)