May 14, the two cities morning market volatility, the action can be limited afternoon, the two cities in late fall。Market differentiation is clear that Dow rose nearly 1%, while down slightly。At the close, up 0.34%, Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.35% GEM mean fell 0.twenty one%。The disk, banks, wine, brokerage, communications equipment strength, the remaining plates callback, ship, aviation, software, services, tourism, health care and other weak。Stocks, the ZTE event of a turnaround, 5G concept stocks higher; Foxconn won IPO approval, related stocks strong。  1, Essence Securities Nanchang Road, the main selling Luoniushan victory plunged the stock opened sharply lower on the day, after opening all the way to lower volatility, around 13:35 hit limit, open board again near the close, closed down 8.55%。Data show that net purchases of aspects, Changjiang Securities Huizhou buy 71.8 million under the Po Road, Second Road, Hangzhou, Shanghai Securities bought 17.8 million, Huatai Securities in Nanjing Road Dongyuan bought 15.1 million, Huatai Securities Shanghai Gonghexinlu buy 1490 million and an additional net purchase amount less than one million sales department。Net selling aspect, Victory Road, Nanchang Securities sold 40.7 million, CITIC Securities Beijing Financial Street, sold 28.3 million, Donghai Securities sold 26.1 million Nanjing Hongwu Road, CITIC Securities 22.5 million sold in Harbin TCM street, another business department actually bought a net。The same day, Changjiang Securities Huizhou, Po Road, Victory Road, Nanchang Securities involved in stock。  2, GTJAS Yincheng Road Shanghai main stock buy limit SL Pharmaceutical day slightly higher, even once in early dropping slightly turned green, then the shock all the way up, around 14:10 sealed trading board。Billboard data shows that net purchases of respect, Yin Cheng Road, Shanghai Guotai Junan buy 1.4.7 billion, Soochow Securities bought 33.8 million Hong Fu Road, Dongguan, Panyu Road, Shanghai Nanjing Securities bought 25.7 million, Huatai Securities Shenzhen Nanshan Road to buy 14 million shares through a dedicated deep to buy 5.9 million。Net selling aspect, Wudaokou Beijing Capital Securities sold 22.9 million, and Thailand Securities Yantai Huanshan sold 20.3 million, Zhejiang Branch of CITIC Securities to sell 11.5 million, the other two actually a net buying, the family sold less than 10 million。The same day, deep shares through participation in stock。  3, GF Securities Jiangmen Wanda Plaza, the main selling Mei Tainuo the day the stock hit bottom opened limit down, opening the shock upstream, around 10:00 shock down again, then the overall operation near the daily limit, around 14:00 sealed the daily limit。Billboard data shows that net purchases of aspects, Tibet East Fortune Shanghai Wanping 10.9 million to buy the other four are less than 10 million purchase amount。Sold a net connection, GF Securities sold 60.4 million Jiangmen Wanda Plaza, Chongqing Branch Nexis Securities sold 58.1 million, Xiangcai Securities sold 25.2 million Jinan Ma On Shan Road, Shanghai Handan Road, the League of Nations securities sold 22.2 million, CSC Beijing garden Road era to sell 21 million。The same day, GF Securities Jiangmen Wanda Plaza to participate in the stock。  4, China Galaxy Shaoxing Hunan Salt main buy the stock rose the day sharply higher open, hit the daily limit after opening soon, shortly after the re-opening plate and shock all the way down, quickly pulled back late stabilized, closing up 6.18%。Billboard data shows, buy, China Galaxy Shaoxing, buying 15.1 million, the Guangxi branch of Ping An Securities bought 14.6 million, Fortune Securities bought 10.7 million Qingchun Road, Hangzhou, Shenzhen Ping An Securities Shennan Road East Business Center at Lo Wu to buy into 10.3 million, CITIC Securities Shanghai Branch to buy 10.2 million。Sell regard, Huafu Securities Quanzhou Tian An Road, sold 17.8 million, Henderson Securities Chengdu Tianfu Avenue North to sell 14 million, Huaxin Securities Fei Jiang Road, Hangzhou, sold 12.6 million, built in Changsha, Hunan Road, Founder Securities sold 12.3 million China's CIC Shanghai Fuxing Road sold 11.1 million。The same day, China Galaxy Shaoxing involved in stock。  The same day, the agencies involved in Billboard stocks involving a total of 10 stocks, which COFCO Biochemical and blue dawn Technology are institutions bought a net amount, respectively 3568.260,000 yuan and 1123.580,000 yuan。Another eight institutions were net sellers of stocks, Fenghua Hi-Tech is sold at most, 1585.290,000 yuan。