China Banking Regulatory Commission regulation on the further deepening of the banking market chaos (Yin Jian Fa [2018] No. 4) all departments and banking regulatory bureaus, agencies, policy banks, large banks, joint-stock banks, postal savings banks, foreign banks, financial asset management: in order to fully implement the nineteen large, the central economic work Conference and the National financial work Conference party, and resolutely fight to prevent a significant risk to resolve the battle, China banking Regulatory Commission decided to further deepen the rectification banking market chaos。Notice of the matter as follows: First, carry out a comprehensive assessment of the banking financial institutions and regulatory authorities at all levels should attach great importance, well-organized, well-organized, set up a leading group, layers of implementation "in charge" responsibility system, combined with the actual development implementation of the program, ensure that the organization in place to promote the place, put in place。To fully assess the "three three to four" credit risk special investigation has been carried out in mid-2017, special efforts "two sessions layer of" responsibility to implement risk control, etc., control the main points of market chaos banking regulation in 2018, this body carding this department, the outstanding problems in the region and the potential risks。The banking financial institutions focus on in-depth self-examination to assess whether, if the issue is true and accurate, timely and thorough rectification whether, if strict accountability in place, whether the risks identified effectively resolved, whether Cask be compensated, whether execution system has been strengthened and What are the current outstanding problems still exist, etc.。Key regulatory agencies at all levels to assess whether there is a check does not penetrate deep, should check did not check, identify problems and hidden, the penalty should not be punished and fined soft loose side issues such as regulatory focus and the next, forming a "rectification – Assessment – rectification "the working mechanism。  Second, promote the overall development of the work (a) That the investigation insisted that the change。The banking financial institutions should banking regulation as a normalization of the market chaos of priorities, and business management, institutional reform and compliance culture construction combined with research, with the deployment, with implementation。Must perform their main responsibility, will be converted to internal control remediation chaos conscious behavior, while investigation and rectification, while education accountability side, side to enhance the specification side, the real fear of the rules, compliance management。  (B) carry out on-site inspections。Regulatory agencies at all levels should focus on remediation banking market chaos as site inspection, highlighting the problem-oriented and risk-oriented, with daily monitoring the situation, identify the institutions focus, focus and focus on business risk, overall inspection to determine the object, scope and scale, targeted, precise force。To pay attention to special inspection and routine examination combined to take the "double random" mode, effectively enhance the relevance and effectiveness of inspections。  (C) to strengthen the supervision and guidance。CBRC regulatory agencies and the Department of Banking Board in accordance with job responsibilities, strengthen supervision and guidance of this section line in the region focus on key business institutions and, in principle, less than 2 times the year。Do not pay attention to the presence of supervisors found, action is slow, poor implementation, or even engage in formalism, etc., must be seriously informed, accountable, accountability。CBRC second half of 2018 will organize a special working group to supervise key areas, exchange experiences, and promptly correct solution is not fine, the situation is not clear, more chaos, frequent cases of multiple, partial loose soft penalty and other issues。  Third, effectively regulate all kinds of reports (a) assessment report, the report path and time-banking financial institutions in the case of a legal entity, on the basis of the summary assessment of branch offices, in 2018 before March 10 will assess the reports submitted to regulatory authorities。Among them, China Banking Regulatory Commission under the direct supervision of the national banking financial institutions to submit to regulatory agencies counterparts, with a copy to on-site inspection bureau, cautious innings and Regulatory Affairs; Method Man around institutions to submit to the territorial Banking Bureau。  Banking Board jurisdiction of institutions to summarize the situation and self-assessment, on March 20, 2018 will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the summary evaluation report to the on-site inspection bureau, with a copy to the Ministry of prudential and regulatory bureau, according to the relevant institutions category Summary reports submitted to the regulatory agency counterparts。  Agencies Supervision Department Yao An institution of this Article category summary line to assess the situation before the end of March 2018 evaluation report will be submitted to leaders in charge, with a copy on-site inspection bureau, cautious innings and Regulatory Affairs。  2, the contents of the report。The report should briefly summarize, focus, including but not limited to: the main issues to assess the situation of special rectification work has been carried out in mid-2017, including discovery, problem disposal and risk mitigation, the rectification of deficiencies and accountability, remediation work and so on; the main problems currently existing or potential risks; the next step measures。  (B) work report, report path and time-banking financial institutions shall respectively June 10, 2018 and before December 10 to submit periodic reports and annual work report and work schedule, the report path above。  Banking Board should earnestly carry out site inspections and supervision and guidance institutions within its jurisdiction to carry out remediation work, respectively, June 20, 2018 on the 20th December and submit periodic reports and annual reports, schedules and 1-2 a typical case, the report path above。  Agencies Supervision Department should supervise and carry out supervision and summary of the work of this section line agencies were to submit periodic reports and annual reports and schedules at the end of June 2018 and the end of December。  Bureau site inspection should be completed and reported in summary July 10, 2018, 2019 and January 10 respectively before。  2, the contents of the report。Including but not limited to: the implementation of the organization; the main problems and potential risks identified; the work and effectiveness of the measures taken; next step suggestions and comments。  Found during renovation work significant risks and major issues, the banking financial institutions and regulatory bodies at all levels must promptly report。  Fourth, the law severely punished accountability banking financial institutions for the establishment of accounting, put in place rectification, a clear time frame, responsibility to the people, and strict accountability in accordance with the party and government and internal regulations。Regulatory agencies at all levels to take timely measures to correct supervision of serious illegal behavior, repeated investigations repeat offenders issue, the risk of major cases and events, to punish those responsible according to the law and the agency。The regulatory authorities at all levels to be more serious discipline, strictly in accordance with the central "eight regulations" and correct the "four winds" requirement, consciously abide by the regime, according to the law and honest work, standardize regulatory actions to prevent the moral hazard。Violations of discipline, discipline inspection and supervision departments at all levels should resolutely correct, and seriously deal。  Contact and Phone: Pan Chen, Zhao Xiaodong 010-66278833, 010-66278873 Accessories: 1, 2, 2018, the main points of market chaos remediation banking regulation further deepening the banking market chaos of January 12, 2018 (this piece sent to Branch banking and local corporate banking financial institutions) Annex 1 further deepening the regulation of the banking market chaos to thoroughly implement the party nineteen large, central economic work Conference and the National financial work Conference, to take the initiative to prevent defuse financial risks on a more important position, continue to promote the improvement banking market chaos to develop in depth, effectively regulate the conduct banking operations, adherence to the bottom line systemic financial risk does not occur, the following are proposed work advice。  First, enhance their understanding banking financial institutions and regulatory bodies at all levels must accurately grasp the essence of the theory Xi Jinping new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, fully aware of the financial security a matter of national security, a matter of governance, fully aware of the regulation market chaos is an important guard against systemic financial risk, fully aware of the long-term remediation deepening banking market chaos, complexity and arduousness。To remain on the political thought and action with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the CPC Central Committee highly consistent, letter to implement the CPC Central Committee and State Council decision to deploy on financial work to deepen chaos in the banking market regulation is an important starting point, the effective return of serve the real economy origin, and resolutely fight to prevent a significant risk to resolve the battle。  Second, clear objectives banking financial institutions and regulatory agencies at all levels to deepen the regulation by the banking market chaos, the illegal issues outstanding, major cases of frequent high momentum have been effectively curbed; to make money off of virtual reality to promote basic origin return to service of the real economy are effectively consolidate; the main focus on the banking industry, differentiate development trend continued to be strengthened; the exhibition industry compliance law, culture nurtured steady operation and development of deeply rooted。  Third, to deepen the problem-oriented banking financial institutions and regulatory authorities at all levels should find and solve problems as deepening chaos of the banking market regulation starting point and goal, an eye problem and more institutions, chaos and more areas, risk focus on business areas。To adhere to the "targeted" therapy and focus on remediation, check what the problem is inadequately on what to check, what chaos on what is most striking improvement, what aspects of the rectification is not in place on what corrective, and what responsibility did not implement anything on accountability, efforts to get rid of market chaos "chronic illness"。  Fourth, highlighting the focus of regulation banking financial institutions and regulatory authorities at all levels should seize this fundamental service of the real economy, real thorough investigation of money off the virtual idling behavior in the financial system, thorough investigation "sham" or selective implementation of macro-control policies behavior and regulatory requirements, and actively implement the new concept of development, forming a virtuous circle of financial and real economy, finance and real estate, within the financial system。To improve corporate governance seize this basis, the regulation focuses on normative behavior of shareholders, strengthen equity management, promoting "would be a layer of three" Compliance operation of law, etc.。To seize the shadow banking risks and cross the focus of financial products, thorough investigation of the interbank foreign business, finance, layers of nested tables, business development speed does not match the internal control and risk management capabilities, plus illegal leverage, plus the chain, regulatory arbitrage, etc. behavior。To seize this law compliance management focus, resolutely radical weak widespread awareness of compliance, system deficiencies, repeated investigations repeat offenders and other issues chronic illness。To seize this critical financial interests of consumers, thorough investigation of arbitrary institution organization, chaos to do business, illegal sale, transfer of benefits and other acts, strengthen information disclosure and appropriate management of financial products, standardize the market competition order, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers , to maintain public confidence。  Fifth, the risk of a serious investigation of cases risk cases are the most concentrated banking market chaos, the most typical, the most prominent manifestations。Regulators at all levels according to the "case of a policy, classification disposal of tackling the problem," the work of thinking, and severely punish cases of banking and major risk events。To urge the incident promptly launched emergency measures organization and internal accountability mechanisms, severely dealt with, serious accountability。Accordance with the requirements "case three investigations, the two chase," the agencies involved in the crime organization and accountability punishment according to the law, while the integrated use of prudential measures, so that illegal institutions and staff pay a price, and earnestly safeguard the bank industry good order。To adhere to the public is the norm, not open to exception, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the timely publication of punishment cases, and play "a punishment, a deterrent," the warning。  Sixth, the main responsibility for the implementation of the banking financial institution to be compacted to deepen the main responsibility for regulation of the banking market chaos。Should strengthen the Party's leadership throughout the entire process, as a major decision, case studies, thematic party committee want to deepen the deployment of remediation banking market chaos; Commission for Discipline Inspection to full supervision of the discipline of execution and implementation of the tasks, in accordance with the party and government discipline and internal regulations, efforts to increase the accountability of illegal workers, effectively solve internal accountability mere formality, processing floating on the surface of the problem。The Board should assume ultimate responsibility, chairman of the board is the first responsible person; senior management to take responsibility for implementation; Supervisory Board to assume oversight responsibilities; parent bodies to assume management responsibilities, the system really make iron, iron discipline to get iron execution。  Seven, to grasp the intensity of the rhythm of the banking financial institutions and regulatory authorities at all levels should adhere to progress while maintaining stability, wanted stability on the bottom line to hold systemic financial risk does not occur in the illegal disposal problem, find on major cases and high-risk events enter resolutely remediation of various types of banking disturb the market order in chaos。We should be gradual and pay close attention to the macroeconomic situation and market changes, grasp the intensity and pace of the development milestones, and efforts to prevent policy overlay superimposed, to prevent "risk disposal risk."。To the new from the old, for the stock of the business, the distinction between the nature, causes and consequences caused by the situation, give some digestion period and the transition period, differentiated disposal; to carry out remediation work after the banking market chaos (in May 2017 after 1) new business in strict accordance with the laws and regulations to regulate, investigate and punish。To classify Shi policy, adhere to self-correction leniency, strict supervision discovery, discovery of active, active disposal, as the initiative to improve the regulatory tolerance; regulatory discovery, malice, bad character, in serious cases strictly punished according to law, especially for major cases and risk events, the top grid be punished according to law。  Eight, to perform its regulatory responsibilities at all levels of regulatory agencies to adhere to the "surname prison supervision," supervision according to law, strict supervision, regulation honest, there is no risk of the formation of timely detection is dereliction of duty, found the risk of failure to make timely and prompt disposal is a serious dereliction of duty of the regulatory environment。To adhere to a comprehensive supervision, it is necessary to pipe the traditional business, but also innovation tube business; it is necessary to possess a license illegal activities, but also pipe "unlicensed"。Cask for the existence or regulatory "blind spot", to make up for timely, correct and timely, and enhance the scientific supervision rules targeted。To adhere to sound the alarm bell, the strict implementation of laws, regulations and discipline, so be confiscated and a fine equal emphasis on punishment in penal institutions and personnel simultaneously, involving other financial regulatory duties shall be transferred to the relevant departments, suspected of crimes transferred to judicial organs according to law, efforts to solve regulatory accountability is not in place, partial loose soft and large regional differences and other outstanding issues。Discipline inspection and supervision departments at all levels should play a supervisory role, to perform supervisory duties in place, and does not regulate the exercise of regulatory powers, accountability punish lax regulatory agency or false, strict accountability process according to discipline in accordance with regulations。  Nine, the formation of a monitoring force regulators at all levels to strengthen consolidated supervision, highlighting the functional supervision and conduct regulation, to clarify their respective responsibilities。Institutions supervision departments should strengthen supervision and inspection; function and regulatory supervision departments should strengthen policy guidance, data support, legal protection and technical support; Banking Board to solidly carry out inspections and supervision within their respective jurisdictions; discipline inspection and supervision departments at all levels should strengthen accountability, oversight and discipline during renovation work; inspection departments at all levels want to deepen the rectification banking market chaos as a political tour of important content。To give full play to the combined effect of regulation, supervision and inspection, and play a role in financing registered care center, banking center transfer credit assets registration, registration of trust companies and other institutions, to play letters, complaints and reports, public opinion and other social oversight function, the integrated use of prudential supervision measures, supervisory ratings agency executives evaluate performance of their duties, administrative penalties and transferred to judicial and other means to strengthen communication linkage with financial institutions in the banking associations, institutions internal audit departments and external auditors, and constantly enhance the effectiveness of supervision。To consciously obey the leadership of the State Council Development Committee's financial stability, strengthen the supervision and coordination with other financial regulators, and strengthen monitoring force。  Ten, the banking financial institutions to establish long-term mechanism for regulation in order to deepen the banking market chaos as the starting point, strict checking and correcting themselves, to make up for the failure of internal controls, inadequate risk management, a serious shortage of system construction and execution of the short board, correct one-sided pursuit of scale expansion, the rapid development of the extensive business philosophy, pay attention to management to be effective, the quality of benefits to the service to be effective, true to form, "not illegal, not illegal, I do not want illegal" culture of compliance。Regulators at all levels in order to deepen the rectification banking market chaos as a breakthrough, further regulatory regime padded short board, forming a system to system management business, to the system of tubes institutions to a good mechanism for system management staff, and effectively solve generate chaos mechanisms, further optimizing the ecological environment and healthy development of the banking sector。  2 2018 banking regulation Annex I the main points of market chaos, inadequate corporate governance 1, shareholders and equity aspects。Shareholders qualification requirements are not met; shareholder false investment, capital contribution is not real, or disguised flight of capital flight; shareholders' shares funding does not meet the requirements to entrust funds, debt funds or other non-owned capital shares; shareholders entrust others or accept the commission Bank holds a stake, there is invisible shareholder, holding shares on behalf of such phenomena; without the approval of holders of bank equity disproportionately, its shareholders or controlling shareholders, actual controllers and related parties, persons acting in concert, such as by hiding the ultimate beneficiary, obligations of shareholders does not act, does not fulfill the requirements of;; deception or other improper means disproportionate to hold bank shares; number of commercial banks holding the offending shareholder equity as chaos, frequent changes in ownership or change violation, or misappropriation of bank funds and equity trading M & A activity, damage or misuse of the right to commercial banks, depositors, other shareholders interests; major shareholder directly intervene in bank management, transfer of benefits, etc.。  2, and evaluation aspects of the performance of their duties。"Three will be a layer of" perform their duties not in place, the shareholders' meeting has not effectively play the role of control, lack of strategic positioning of the board of directors, the reasonable control of risk appetite, speed and scale of business development, the Board of Supervisors and the senior management functions of the board of directors did not give full play the Board of Supervisors and the absence of prominent phenomenon; under the Board audit Committee, the related Party transactions Committee, remuneration Committee and other professional committees exist in name only, not the actual performance of their duties or the performance of their duties not in place, is not sufficient; performance evaluation unreasonable, compliance and risk management business class indicators index weight class lower than other categories of indicators, or business metrics layers of overweight; establish evaluation indicators point in time deposits of scale, or set the evaluation index on deposit market share, ranking or comparison is required with industry ; the proportion of performance pay deferred payment of non-compliance, or failure to match the risk of a sustained period of business, such as advance payment or illegal。  3. The terms of qualification。Directors, senior management without the approval of the regulatory authorities and qualifications to perform their duties; need qualifications approved by the Chief Risk Officer, Compliance Officer together, internal audit and financial responsible persons without obtaining the qualification and performance of their duties; directors and senior managers qualifications lead to significant changes in conditions or no longer meets the qualifications affecting the normal performance of their duties, did not take the initiative to report to the regulatory authorities and take appropriate measures。  Second, in violation of the macro-control policy 4, in violation of credit policy。Table violations inside and outside funds, directly or indirectly, a detour route through or to invest in the stock market, "two high and one left" and other restricted or prohibited areas, in particular the loss of "zombie companies' solvency; violation of local governments to provide debt financing for the enlarged government debt; violations to environmental emissions of non-compliance, serious environmental pollution and rectification hopeless backwardness enterprises to provide credit or financing; illegal provide capital for the project, or to provide financing to not meet the conditions of fixed assets investment projects, leading to capital stranded or idle; no due diligence and management, leading to support the shantytowns, poor precision, loans livelihood areas of rural revitalization strategy encroachment or embezzlement; people adjust their standard form, to avoid the small and micro business loans indicators。  5, in violation of the real estate industry policy。Direct or disguised as real estate enterprises pay for the land acquisition cost of providing all kinds of internal and external financing table, or on its own credit support or channel; the "Four Pass" incomplete, not fully paid capital of commercial real estate development project financing; issuing a down payment non-compliance of individual housing loans; to act as sources of financing or lending channel, etc., directly or indirectly, to facilitate the payment of down payment loans and other acts for all types of organizations; a comprehensive consumer loans, personal business loans, credit cards, overdrafts and other funds for the purchase, etc.。  Third, the shadow banking risks and cross 6 financial products, illegal conduct interbank business。Governance reform the industry is not in place; violation breakthrough regulatory ratio requirements or time limit control to carry out interbank business; violations through cooperation with banks, securities, insurance, trust funds and other institutions, conceal the source of funds and the underlying assets are not in accordance with the "transmissive" and " substance over form "principle and full provisions for risk management and capital provision, or the ultimate debtor into a unified credit and concentration risk management; compliance with the investment nested, occult toward the end, breaking with the investment scope situation limits on leverage, maturity mismatch and so on; interbank accept or provide direct or indirect, explicit or implicit credit guarantee third-party financial institution, or illegal signed the "agreement drawer", "yin and yang contract" fallback commitments; violations he acts as a line of business through interbank money management "channel", fails to perform risk management duties, do not have the asset information and the actual underlying risk situations such as bear。  7, illegal conduct financial business。Financial governance reform is imperfect, not in place; proprietary trading and wealth management business is not set risk isolation; unrealized separate management between financial products, establish accounts and accounting irregularities to carry out a rolling release, a collection operation, separate pool of money management business pricing ; the use of the Bank's own funds to purchase financial products issued by the Bank, the Bank provides credit funds for the Bank's financial products financing or guarantees; violations through the issuance of loans to undertake self-existence repayment risk financial investment business; financial products direct investment credit assets directly or indirectly docking Bank credit income right; non-standardized credit assets or equity financing directly or indirectly, explicit or implicit guarantee or repurchase commitment; the balance of financial capital investment of non-standardized credit assets exceeds regulatory requirements ; financial products to invest in trust funds through equity or financial products with characteristics of equity financial products, but does not strictly enforce the standards of qualified investors。  8, illegal conduct sheet business。 No strict uniform standards within and outside the business division table table business, there is intentionally blurred boundaries, random maneuvers behavior; illegal channel for cross-industry business, use of various trust schemes, and information management plan, entrusted loans, avoid capital investment, classification of assets, provisions for capital occupancy and other regulatory requirements or the inner sheet assets a false table; there is nominally owned bank affiliate pipe products, in fact, related projects led by the banking commission, and signed a buy-back clause hidden essence bear risk, or the risk of the funds to undertake the import and distribution business risk assets; accepted for the entrusted loan principal business asset management companies and financial institutions apply for business loans; sources of funding to carry out illegal or non-compliant use of funds entrusted loans; entrusted loans No strict isolation and self-employed business risk, or the implementation of split accounting, classification authority management; on credit or asset information management products based assets to package carrier through a particular purpose, stratified, the share of sales, etc., in the inter-bank market , place assets securitized products issued outside the stock exchange market of assets Clean the table and reduce capital charges, etc.。  9, illegal business cooperation。Select cautious trading cooperation opponent, failing to establish cooperation agencies list system; when cooperating with non-financial institutions, there is not effective fulfillment of the qualification review, due diligence and follow-up monitoring obligations and other circumstances; illegal conduct class purposes of the trust bank letter of illegal business; and illegal financial institutions, non-licensed financial institutions to cooperate; illegal business and illegal agency; not to accept illegal to obtain financing guarantee business license third-party organization to provide security, to enhance trust services, and reveal all the commitments in disguise increase trust services; organization illegal funding for the agency without lending business qualification of loans, or non-lending business qualification of co-financing loans; illegal direct or disguised investments to "cash loan", "campus loan", "down payment loans" as the sale of the underlying assets in securities or other products and other products。  Fourth, against the financial interests of consumers 10, mis-selling。No secretly under the guise of affiliation, without the approval of sales of bootleg products "fly alone" behavior; unauthorized modifications parent unit contracts, or modified products or altered level units issued and illegal sales; consignment financial regulators outside the scope of regulation , the financial institution does not hold a license issued products; the consignment of products and deposit itself or to confuse the issue of financial products sales, or to allow non-bank personnel engaged in product publicity and promotion, sales and other activities in outlets; when selling financial products, commitment to return, false propaganda, to cover risks, mislead customers; forced bundling, or tying to induce customers to buy with their risk tolerance incompatible products; contrary to the "double record" requirements; valet illegal operation。  11, improper charges。Exist to dump the loan, deposit and loan tied to the loan fees, points floating interest costs, loan fees tying, a floating ceiling, pass the cost of the seven categories of additional unreasonable loan conditions of illegal acts; violations of small and micro enterprises commitment fee fees or fund management fees; not only the service fee or other discrepancies in quality and price behavior。  Five, 12 transfer of benefits, transferring benefits to shareholders。Provide financing for the illegal behavior of the shareholders of explicit or implicit guarantee; or by direct route through outside the industry, finance, business table, breaking or violation of regulations to limit the proportion of funding provided to shareholders; direct or covert acceptance of institutional equity pledge obtain funds ; when the number of shareholders pledged shares of the institution reach or exceed 50% of its equity held by the institution, not to limit it in the general meeting of shareholders and directors to send voting rights on the board of directors; for shareholders to provide products, services and other pay significantly higher the fair market prices and other costs。  13, transfer benefits to staff relations。Issued to people who have direct or disguised credit loans, or loans to the Bank's employees get the customer better than other similar condition; below the same conditions, procuring or import the client's relatives or children; there is "eat vacancies" or disguised "eat vacancies "the problem, or to the relationship between remuneration and benefits obviously unfair; public funds deposit spouse, children and their spouses and other direct stakeholders in the main body responsible for personnel, according to the specified employees of the banking financial institutions to implement avoidance; large customers, large enterprises and institutions responsible person in disguise commercial bribery。  Six, 14 illegal exhibition industry, without the approval of the establishment of institutions and exhibition industry。Without the approval of the establishment of branches, outlets, including off-site division, business unit, department management, representative offices, offices, business centers, customer centers, management team, etc., and to engage in business activities; regional rural banks operating across loans, apply for bill acceptance and discounting (excluding rediscount) business; branches or franchisees over the legal scope of business; beyond the scope of authorized branches to do the same industry, business and other bills。  15, to carry out illegal deposit and lending business。Virtual memory virtual credit; ineffective management of credit concentration, the presence of long credit, excessive credit, inadequate allocation of credit limits and other circumstances; ultra-authorize credit approval and loans; loans three examinations are not serious due diligence, shell company to accept loans, collateral is repeated, false collateral, security breaches; in the name of consignment to finance the loan does not meet the conditions of the enterprise; unlawfully granting working capital loans for investment in fixed assets or equity investments; violations through a third party intermediary, rebates, deferred payment, loan-to dump, Loan with billing, etc. sequestration; through illegal financial products, interbank deposit down, inflated and scale deposits。  16, to carry out illegal business bills。No real handle illegal trading business background bank acceptance bills; issuance of bankers' acceptances rolling cycle to vote sequestration, inflated balance sheets; apply for non-compliance with counterparty not be signed, but no bills, no money, no endorsement of the bill rediscount "inventory transaction" business; violations through the "sell-off spot + forward + reverse repurchase buy-out" false buyout or sold off, with a commitment to repurchase, reverse program operation, etc., to avoid regulatory requirements; illegal handling business bill business; paper assets into the breach and information management plan to invest instead of discounting, reducing capital charges; and violations bills intermediaries, financial brokers cooperation bills or notes business transactions。  17, or cover up illegal disposal of non-performing assets。Asset quality classification serious distortion, or artificially adjust the classification to cover up poor; violations by restructuring loans, false revitalize, bridge loans, loans to close the loan, signed a drawer or repurchase agreements and other agreements to cover asset quality; illegal transfer through all kinds of information management plan non-performing assets and other ways to achieve a clean table or a table false; or the use of shell companies set up accounts associated with other platforms financing to undertake non-performing loans; packaged normal and special mention loans and bad assets together with the disposal or repurchase agreement comes packaged disposal and other non-performing assets。  Seven cases related to operational risk 18 management staff is not in place。Collusion theft, misappropriation of cash in the bank or client funds; engaging in illegal financial activities, or use the name of funding agencies, financial services and other illegal activities; illegal use of authority external security; participate in private lending, illegal fund-raising, fund acts as a broker, or to do business in the enterprise part-time; not established or seriously implement periodic rotation, compulsory leave provisions; employee access and accountability is lax boost "sick" and other flow。  19, internal control is not in place。Illegal opening interbank accounts or to third parties industry accounts for rent; not check with a legal counterparty authorization truth; illegal for others to freely access and use of business premises or offices; illegal for others in the business premises or office place to carry out illegal financial business; violations or mismanagement key stamp theft, loss or theft; seal made in violation of regulations, without permission to carry out the seal or stamp out without the approval of the use of office space。  20, case investigation is not in place。Case information submitted is not timely, late, concealed, omitted relevant information; emergency measures are not in place, resulting in financial loss of assets and reputation risk; not in-depth investigation of cases, the means of committing the crime, the incidence reason not verified, do not get to the bottom ; punishment accountability efforts and the degree of harm cases do not match, regulatory penalties and loose soft internal accountability mechanism, but did not take the initiative to suspected criminal cases transferred to judicial organs; risk investigation through the motions, subsequent rectification mere formality, homogeneity similar cases such as recurrent。  Eight, 21 industry honest risk, business terms。Employees taking advantage of his position to extort and accept bribes, or violation of state regulations ask for or accept various forms of discount, fee; in credit conditions, business approval, cooperation agencies qualification, counterparty selection, procurement or outsourcing bidding and other sectors rent-seeking; relax conditions to provide financing facilities or assist others to obtain financing from other financial institutions for others, in order to profit for individuals or related parties; take unfair competition way, even deception, bribery, other aspects of the exchange of interests and long-term transfer of benefits and other ways to obtain deposits; in effect increased the cost of financing the economic entities to obtain improper business income。  22, information management。Illegal query, access, use, disclose, sell customer information or trade secrets to personal gain; taking advantage of duty access to inside information, to participate in insider trading; illegal disclosure or disclosure of relevant information, or even cause a negative impact on the reputation risk, etc.。  In addition, the regulatory aspects of performance of their duties。Beyond the statutory authority or violation of legal procedures regulate behavior; on the illegal acts found not be dealt with according to the law or abuse of discretion or selective law enforcement in the investigation; unjustified provisions have not gone through the administrative licensing and other regulatory matters within the time limit ; hide in the supervision of deception, fraud, or there is not honest behavior; major mistakes in supervision, resulting in a significant impact or serious losses。