Coolpad in Hong Kong announced that due to want more time for personal affairs, Jia Yueting resigned as executive director of the Company, Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Nomination Committee。(Click to view) Further reading revitalize the ten billion land resources, stormed the US mobile phone market, is becoming the next music, as the shadow of the crisis, Cool start self-help of two magic。  Recently, the Coolpad announcement, the Galaxy will jointly develop the Cool Harbor urban renewal project。In addition, Cool took over the mobile phone business group executive vice president and international president of Du Jinbiao recently in an interview that, beginning in September of this year, money is no longer a serious problem for the Cool, Cool while also in contact with many investors from various quarters。He pointed out that stormed the US market and focus quality phone worked, so that all parties to restore the confidence of partners Cool。However, the "Daily Economic News" reporter to verify the Coolpad on funding, Cool official said, in this regard should take notice shall prevail。  Cool trap multiple crises in recent years, the days affected by music, as the crisis is not better than Cool。  Following the huge loss of HK $ 4.2 billion in 2016, Coolpad August 15 this year in the announcement released by HKEx, the company currently operates does not improve, the state is still in the continued losses, based on the unaudited consolidated management accounts of the Group's preliminary assessment, group revenue as of July 31, 2017 was approximately 27.HK $ 1.6 billion, down about 52%, and the Group's current assets have been lower than current liabilities, the recent debt pressures。  One side is the loss sustained, the other side is debt lawsuits。In its own capital chain tension case, Coolpad has been charged Ping An Bank, Bank of Ningbo and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, the three banks to recover funds Total 2.400 million yuan。  A number of banks facing debt collection, the huge loss of performance, the valuation of the Group is cut off 85% of the agency, aging Cool brand, has even personally led the Huawei glory achieved sales "within a year from $ 100 million to $ 3 billion" leap Liu Jiangfeng also appears in "very difficult"。August 31 evening, Coolpad announced that Liu Jiangfeng resigned from the post of president, Jiang Chao took over as Vice Chairman by the Board。  In fact, Liu Jiangfeng in Cool only served one year and 15 days, while just over one year of his term in August 16, 2017, Liu Jiangfeng has lamented on cool new conference, "In this year's cool, I over the past 20 years of his career he has never encountered。"With the departure of Liu Jiangfeng and the new managers came to power, cool how to save themselves now become the toughest and most urgent thing。In this regard, Cool first, management has been adjusted。In mid-September, Jiang Chao-time re-appointed Executive Director of cadres Coolpad four vice-president, as well as a sector。  Ten billion land resources to be invigorated although in crisis, but not without comeback Cool capital。Indeed, Cool has "tens of billions quality assets (land resources)" will cooperate with the Beijing-based rumors, Country Garden and a number of real estate developers emerge from time to time。  In August, when talking about ideas to resolve the crisis, even Liu Jiangfeng also said, "Cool valuable land resources of nearly $ 10 billion, large and small developers are interested in; In addition, the bank syndicate also includes We are struggling。Currently, many investors are interested in Cool, but no results, all the announcement。We have talked about six months ago (land sales), but the board had not。"It is noteworthy that, after 'not pass' of the 'land sales' scheme recently appeared loose。October 17, Coolpad announced on the HKEx said it will jointly develop and Starship Cool Harbor urban renewal project。Some analysts pointed out that the first step in the introduction of Galaxy maybe just cool use of land resources。  Reporters noted that Du Jinbiao said in an interview, said Cool for so many years has accumulated a lot of money for the market value of real estate resources, will pay close attention to the development and revitalize this part of the resources that may develop。  E-House Research Director Yan Yuejin Institute think tank Center believes that the larger the value of land resources Cool, follow appropriate guidance to other funds for joint development is critical。And how to plan projects with high cash flow income is crucial。Cool transformation in the real estate business, but also to see the larger field of real estate investment prospects。A similar investment itself is no problem, and even industrial development and its larger hook。But the transformation is not yet complete Cool, are "superficial" type。  Director of research with policy advice Zhang Hongwei believes cool itself does not have the ability to develop real estate, looking for other developers to cooperate, it is possible to promote the follow-up。  For the crisis is cool, make an inventory of whether the land can meet their urgent needs?If you can save developers settled in the mobile phone sector?In this regard, the "Daily News" reporter contacted cool aspect to understand the situation, but as of press time, the other side has not yet responded。  It is noteworthy that, on September 27 Coolpad announcement shows, it entered into a settlement agreement with Ping An Bank, the loan principal and interest and pay off all of the complaint; the same time, Bank of Ningbo also withdrew their complaint。  Du Jinbiao recently in an interview revealed, this time in Cool contact with many investors, think of ways to raise funds from many sources, funding, including support for investors, developers, banks, suppliers, channels。  It is worth mentioning that the Coolpad October 18 announcement, the Company and the Subscriber entered into the Subscription Agreement Fang Zhongzhou Enterprise Co., Ltd., in relation to issue a face value of 5.HK $ 81.9 billion of convertible bonds, the conversion price per share, a discount of 19.3%, fund-raising to be to supplement general working capital。  The US mobile phone market had high hopes, Cool executives at the press conference was also expected to have 50 million by 2016?Shipments of 60 million units。However, the reality is cruel。The end of 2016, Liu Jiangfeng in an interview revealed, Cool annual shipments of only 15 million units。  After entering mid-2017, Cool of the domestic mobile phone market share ranking is dropped out of the top ten。A show in July of this year, "in the United cool" in 2500?2999 yuan in market share end machine is negligible, less than 3% of the total, classified as other (Other).  August 16, held COOLM7 Cool new channel conference in Shenzhen, priced at 2699 yuan of new models will undoubtedly shoulder the important task of revitalizing Cool。But the "Daily News" reporter visited after the major mobile phone stores, Mobile and Unicom around Shenzhen Huaqiang North found online at Cool phone traces of hard to find on the market。  In fact, the domestic mobile phone market space base has been Apple, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, and other manufacturers to carve up the body。As of the end of September this year, Huawei's shipments of 1.12 million units, the share of second place in the global market, has more than Apple。Cool wants to make a comeback here, the difficulty can be imagined。  In this case, Cool seems more and more attention on the US market。  In Du Jinbiao view, 90% of the US mobile phone market is the carrier market, more in line with the development of Cool。Cool hand to do all the major development efforts around the US market, the United States also deployed in the San Diego portion of R & D。On the other hand it is equipped with the strongest sales teams, sales catch in front of the United States。Moreover, the focus on other resources, energy, focus mainly for the US market。In the first half of this year, Cool in US shipments grew 60 percent, is cool now the fastest growing market, the largest market。In the United States, Chinese manufacturers shipped ranking, Cool ranked second。The next two to three years, the nation's cool to do the first Chinese brand。  "Practice has proved that the US market is getting better, the stability of the entire company to cool very helpful, especially to alleviate the current difficulties Cool。Cool but determined not to give up the domestic market, in which so many years of hard work, but also to do so。Cool in the domestic market in the future will be more focused, the focus quality mobile phone, focus on the operator。But in addition to the mobile phone business, we will continue to expand other businesses, such as non-mobile class of things intelligent hardware。In addition, we are working closely layout and 5G AI research and development team, now we worry about the order, and we want to achieve corner overtaking through technological innovation, to reproduce the brilliant。"Du Jinbiao said further analysis。  In this regard, China mobile phone League Secretary General Yanhui told reporters that the money is the basis of cool to live, but the money does not solve everything, and now Lenovo, ZTE, TCL and other brands in the country's development are difficult, too cool。In addition to have sufficient operating funds, the issue also involves Cool channel reconstruction, and now the mobile phone market share is increasingly concentrated, would like to share cool before snatch difficult。(Source: Daily News)