March 14 electric Recently, Huatai Life Insurance Company was approved by China Insurance Regulatory Commission to increase the registered capital of 500 million yuan, the total registered capital of over 3.2 billion yuan so, the Department of the capital increase carried out according to the business situation and future development plans。   It is reported that the capital increase in the form of a private placement of shares, issuance of 400 million shares to shareholders of Huatai Insurance Group Co., Ltd. directed; to the shareholders of the insurance holding company ACE North America private placement of 100 million shares。
The capital increase is completed, Huatai Insurance Group and the US ACE Group equity ratio was changed to% and 20%。
China Resources Co., Ltd., Yi Yang Group Co., Ltd., China Guizhou Moutai Distillery (Group) Co., Ltd., Kunming, China Railway Real Estate Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Edgar Health Management Ltd. five companies were holding the remaining shares, the capital increase no new shareholder。   The capital increase demonstrates shareholders of Huatai Life development achievements recognition and confidence。
Since its inception, the law of development of Huatai Life Insurance respect, to better grasp the opportunities for development, based on the transformation and upgrading, efforts to build the main channel of a risk strategy, optimize business structure to achieve rapid business growth。
2017, the company's overall operating in good condition, new individual customers up to people, the cumulative number of individual clients reach people; the new single standard warranty billion yuan, an increase of%; new business value billion yuan, an increase of%; a risk thirteen month premium rate continues%, bank and insurance premiums continue to rate thirteen months%; total profit of 40.59 million yuan, of which 50.84 million yuan underwriting profit。
  In addition, to enhance the capital strength and solvency, provide a strong guarantee for the Huatai Life Insurance business development and sustained growth。 In 2017, before the implementation of the capital increase, Huatai Life Insurance compensation under the second generation solvency adequacy ratio was 156%, cash flow in good condition, the company maintains sufficient high-quality liquid assets, comprehensive coverage of current ratio and liquidity indicators of normal, company overall liquidity risk control。 After the capital increase, Huatai Life Insurance registered capital reaches billion, it is expected to end 2018 solvency ratio will remain above 150%。