[World Wide Web reports reporter Zhao Yi Zhen] east pagoda area was the last opposition territory leading to the Syrian capital of Damascus。
18 onwards, the Syrian government in the region launched a deadly attack。
Five days of air strikes and shelling resulting in 403 civilian deaths, including 95 children。   French "Le Figaro" February 23 reported that the US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nolte are shown in local time February 22 to the media, if Russia does not give support for Syria, East Guta region will not happen this bombing, It will not cause the death of so many people。   22, Nolte told the media, only 22, East Guta area alone, at least 46 civilians were killed。
It reminds people of Russia responsibility for what had occurred in the region to cope with。
Without Russia's support, this bombing, and these deaths will happen。
  According to reports, the UN Security Council a draft failed a few hours on the implementation of the humanitarian ceasefire in Syria after 30 days, Nolte was speaking。
In his speech, accusing Moscow Nolte violation of the ceasefire negotiations。 She believes that more than 400 civilians were killed and that is reflected in the failure of peace talks。