March 12 news since March, various mobile phone manufacturers have announced the new machine, in order to maintain heat and user attention。 Currently IT House had received an invitation from the charm of the blue, Meizu has announced will be held at 14:30, "Charm Blue E3 new conference in Beijing Performing Arts Center March 21 in the afternoon。
Currently this phone has network Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Industry exposure photo shows the phone with a full metal body design, the back of the emergence of "mblu" sign。 Fingerprints on the same side S6 appeared on the phone, look at the phone, there was a double column vertical camera and other design elements, dual camera beneath the flash。 Charm is equipped with 1 blue E3.8GHz eight-core processors, sources said While this is the Xiao Long 636 processor。
Xiaolong 636 released in October last year, with a 14nmFinFet process, the design is compatible with the Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 630 mobile platform, using Adreno509GPU, performance improved 10%, Kryo260 * 8 architecture, compared to 630 Xiaolong 40% performance increase, also support support X12LTE, supports dual channel LPDDR4x1333MHz。
Currently red rice Note 5 has confirmed equipped with the processor, charm blue E3 choose to publish on March 21, a great red rice must compete with meaning。
But from the configuration point of view, E3 little stronger, for example, is equipped with 4 / 6GB Memory + 32/64 / 128GB storage, rear 12,002,000 megapixel camera and so on, will be the same after the release of the latest flagship phone charm blue。
In addition, Li Nan has also said Blue Charm E3 will be equipped with a new CMOS, even better than the Note 6, Note 6 camera level of performance at the same level all to see, so for charm blue E3 ability to take pictures is still quite worth the wait。