Symptoms, in the previous article, we mentioned the symptoms of hives, I believe we have a certain understanding, which is a accompanied often be the result of food, plants, and other drugs caused, then we all know some special symptoms of urticaria do?Here we take a look at the symptoms of hives, which particular symptoms?Hives are also some special the following symptoms: (1) protein urticaria (food type: food fish, shrimp, crab ,,,,, and other foods containing protein, the appearance of skin redness and wind groups, with , fatigue。 (2) compression urticaria (Pressurized): the skin is more severe and occurs at a lasting compression, edema pain diffuse plaques compression occur locally unclear state, involving the skin and skin structure。 Prone on the palms, soles and buttocks。 Sometimes with chills, headache, joint pain, general malaise, etc.。
Pathogenesis and related kinins。 (3) vasculitic urticaria (wheal type): characterized by rash wind group, long duration, inflammatory mediators, vascular endothelial cells, vascular inflammatory changes so there.Mainly hypersensitivity caused by inflammation of blood vessels allergens。 It may be associated with irregular fever, followed by skin wheal rash, scaling or pigmentation spots that may remain after regression, consciously itching。 The limbs may be associated with joint pain and swelling, swollen lymph nodes, abdominal discomfort, kidney damage can occur late。 Vasculitic urticaria are often dermatomyositis, early symptoms of allergic vasculitis, early early it should desensitization treatment, to prevent complication symptoms。 (4) urticaria pigmentosa (pigment-based): circular or oval or pigmented nodular pigmented spots, red swollen scratching friction, leaving pigment spots chronic urticaria。 (5) urticaria edema (edema): urticaria edema great, the deep dermis and subcutaneous tissue are allergic to cause vasodilation, localized edema formation, the characteristics of which are volatile, sudden skin edema in the face, limbs and body , swelling, edema。
Due to the small number of patients may occur in the throat and respiratory tract caused by suffocation, if not promptly treated, can lead to death。
(6) solar urticaria (daylight): mainly for skin exposed to sunlight after a few seconds to a few minutes, rapid localized itching, erythema and wheal, angioedema。
Multiple female。 (7) a pharmaceutical urticaria (drug type): medicine and is caused due to the administration of various。 In particular, lesions with multiple ring wheal wheal most common, there are also toxic erythema, erythema nodosum like performance。
Patients have fever, joint pain, serum sickness or diseases such as serum sickness-like reactions lymph nodes, may have heart and kidney damage, allergic urticaria metal complex reaction。 Urticaria symptoms, what are the symptoms of a particular?By following the above description, I believe we all know those particular symptoms of urticaria, but no matter what kind of symptoms, if necessary, or as soon as possible for treatment is the key。