Text / Sina Finance opinion leaders (public No. kopleader) columnist mountain river moisten the future of mankind how to solve the energy problem in the end, is a science of human development a major issue。 One view is that innovation, the popularity of the use of solar, wind, hydro and other clean energy characterized is the only option, the judge also advocated by the General Secretary Xi full of green development concept consistent; another view : nuclear technology has been perfected to accelerate the development and application of nuclear technology is the most direct and effective way。 For reasons known, more and more people advocating the former against the latter。   However, the famous Bill Gates thinks: the future of society to solve the world's energy problems, it should develop nuclear energy。 He said that although Japan's Fukushima nuclear reactor catastrophe happened, but nuclear power still exists great potential; in terms of innovation and investment point of view, nuclear technology has matured。
So, Bill Gates set up Terra energy company focused on the development of nuclear energy research and the results of ground, and Bill Gates himself as the company's chairman。   As early as mid-2009 began, Bill Gates on strengthening cooperation with "CNNC", November 5, 2009 morning, Bill Gates had come to CNNC China Institute of Atomic Energy, understand the Chinese Experimental Fast Reactor case technical exchange and nuclear Corporation; June 10, 2011 morning, Terra energy's Bill Gates visited State nuclear Power technology Corporation, to understand China's third generation nuclear power relying on their own projects and the construction of AP1000 units operating development of the company situation, the two sides exchanged views on issues of interest。
After the two sides began to establish the depth of cooperation。 After a few years, bilateral cooperation tepid。   September 11, 2017, announcement that the company intends to set up a joint venture with related parties in the nuclear Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. Hebei。 The company's registered capital of one billion yuan, accounting for 35% of China's nuclear power, Shenhua Group, Huadian Fuxin ,, accounting for 30%, 15%, 10%, 10%。
A core mission of the company is to set up the Bill Gates of the US energy company jointly invest in the development Terra floor traveling wave reactor technology and products and future-oriented application。 It is reported that China's nuclear power Cangzhou in Hebei sea-nuclear power projects already in the preparation phase。
  It is said that: nuclear reactors and other difference is that traveling wave reactor technology can be directly discarded uranium isotopes, even after only a simple conversion nuclear power plant spent fuel, burning its depth enormous energy, economic benefit。
At the same time, it's a big advantage is no need to change the materials and processing, can not only improve operational safety, more greatly reduce the risk of nuclear proliferation。 "Traveling wave reactor" After formation of nuclear fission, to promote combustion reciprocating neutrons, a wavy line form, hence the name。 Some industry which is called "fourth generation" nuclear power technology。   So, how Bill Gates progress of cooperation with the Chinese it?Nov. 3 Xinhua News Agency issued such a message: Premier Li Keqiang Wednesday morning meeting with US energy company Terra chairman, Microsoft founder Bill Gates in Zhongnanhai。 Li made positive comments on bilateral cooperation in the field of research and development of next-generation nuclear power technology, said he was pleased to learn that the two sides set traveling wave reactor of this breakthrough joint venture research and development, emphasis on security is an important prerequisite for the development of nuclear energy, we must strive to ensure that a new generation of nuclear power technology security reliable and effective。
Li Keqiang Prime Minister also pointed out that in today's world, a new industrial revolution to develop in depth, the Internet is an important support。
China is vigorously implementing innovation-driven development strategy to promote "Internet +" and other strategies to accelerate economic transformation and upgrading。 We hope to play a wealth of Chinese human resources advantages, make good use of the Internet platform, set Trimaran, gathered force, in order to promote international cooperation in the development of disruptive technology, and sharing, better benefit of mankind。
  And Bill Gates's response to Prime Minister Lee was "evasive": a new generation of nuclear energy is very important for the future development of human energy technology, we value the cooperation with Chinese enterprises, and is willing to become a better shared vision a reality。   Above dialogue is indeed very interesting, Prime Minister Lee's statement lightly expressed positive assessment of bilateral cooperation, with particular emphasis on nuclear safety, and Prime Minister Lee subtext seems to be: you play Bill Gates is on the Internet started, our Chinese industrial revolution and scientific and technological innovation more reflected in the "Internet", "Internet +" is the trend, why do you play with nuclear power?If cooperation in the Internet field, we would be more welcome!  As a research scholar and watch industry, I think: Bill Gates strengthen research and layout of the nuclear power industry, it could be a speculative mentality。 Trends and innovative strategies in any industry should conform to the trend of history and social evolution, and the next people to material and spiritual civilization development trend is no doubt: green, environmental security, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and nuclear energy No matter how mature technology, first of all threats to the human psyche and spirit is very "terror", if the super earthquake and other natural disasters irresistible, what is the use of nuclear technology in developed it?  Why Bill Gates to cooperate with China to study nuclear technology, we do not rule out this for several reasons: First, Bill Gates may have such a miscarriage of justice: the future of the most direct and effective way is to develop the human energy applications of nuclear energy, once the degree of development of nuclear technology to "foolproof", who is the owner of technology will lead the future incalculable global energy market, while China is undoubtedly the future needs of the country's largest nuclear energy; the second is China's specific national conditions, cooperation with China the most easy, efficient will。
  Third, in the field of Internet technology Gates I have created a brilliant, almost no one can match, but on the troubled development of human energy, I can re-create a miracle Gates。
  For these reasons only speculation, Gates can not be imposed on students, but can not rule out this possibility。 In summary, Bill Gates keen to study and floor applications of nuclear technology, a move apparently to discredit the image of his tall, he also exposed the speculative nature, not sure he's not a speculative profiteers bones!  In need of special note is: China's future energy industry development strategy should be based on the spirit of the Chinese Communist nineteen great importance on the optimization and adjustment, should make greater efforts to promote the study and promotion of clean energy aspects, and research in nuclear technology and floor to grasp the rhythm aspects of the policy to promote。