"May Day" before and after the building housing the Department on regulation of real estate issues interviewed the 12 cities around the property market ushered in the intensive period of regulation。  According to the National Bureau of Statistics released the 70 cities the "New Housing Price Index", "second-hand housing price index" sorting out the surging News interviewed the city's housing data, and real estate control policies into "de-stocking", " introduction ", 'restriction', 'restricted', 'credit limit', 'rental housing' six, take you to see current round of market volatility。  After reading the whole situation, we have to explore a few interesting details。  Restrictive policies (including the purchase, restricted, limited credit) appears effect differentiation。  Restrictive policies can instantly cool the property market, or cause prices to fall, slow down or let up speed。For example, after October 2016, March 2017, Chengdu, the introduction of restriction policies, new house prices fell, second-hand house prices are still rising, but slowed up speed。But there are cities in the state of regulatory failure。For example, after October 2017, the introduction of restrictions on sale Kunming policy, Kunming, new home prices rose significantly faster, up to 1.19% next month, up 2.62%。  Talents policies are often posted before and after the purchase of restricted。  Government launched the introduction of talent often with the purchase of restricted and other patch policies to prevent real estate speculators to take to maintain a healthy and stable prices。For example, in May 2017, Xi'an has issued a "new talent thirteen," the green light to high-end talent, housing prices accelerated noticeably; in June 2017, Xi'an introduction of restriction policy restrictions on sale, housing prices slowed immediately。As another example, in early 2018, Kunming, have released "push settled" and "restricted credit limit" of two policy before and after the release Kunming prices in a relatively stable state。  The highest frequency to the inventory policy, but the peak has passed。  Round interviewees city, there are eight stocks have posted in the past policy。Among them, Chengdu, Dalian, Taiyuan, Changchun, Haikou and other five cities issued a series of policies to the inventory, Kunming, Harbin, Xi'an and other three cities posted shantytowns implementation of specific policies of monetization。But Published destocking policy focus in 2016 and 2017, in 12 of the city were interviewed, did not issue such a city policy this year。  Up to now, the above-mentioned cities have been interviewed have made four regulatory response, a new round of regulation effect, remains to be the test of time。  The new round of market regulation tide