"Spring Bud eat, eat the root of winter," Spring is the season of germinal should eat more "green shoots green", follow the season。  [] The most suitable spring bean sprouts to eat, help clear the liver, spleen and stomach, qi and blood, can prevent capillary bleeding and lower cholesterol。  [] Toon there are appetizers, pathogenic fire effect, can nourish the liver, lung benefits, help yang ascending。
  [Leek] focuses spring Liver, eat leeks can enhance the spleen and stomach, remove overcast and cold, good for liver function, with lowering blood pressure, the role of anti-cancer and atherosclerosis。
  [] Promote growth and development, enhance disease resistance carotene contained, into vitamin A in the body can maintain normal vision and epithelial cells, increased ability to prevent infectious diseases, promote child growth and development。  Protection nutrition, enhance rich in carotene, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, and a certain amount of iron, vitamin?And other beneficial ingredients, a variety of nutrients can be supplied to the body; which contains iron, has a good adjuvant therapy of iron deficiency anemia。
  [] Parsley parsley and warm, stomach Deficiency of people eat parsley may also play a moderately warm and cold stomach, aid digestion, relieve stomach pain role, can be placed in the porridge qi digestion of orange peel, ginger warm the stomach and cold when about to be thrown into the pot at the end coriander, parsley porridge made drink。  [Because] Lettuce leaf lettuce contains pigment, it is slightly bitter taste, hypnotic analgesic, lower cholesterol, adjuvant treatment of neurasthenia and other effects, it can be juiced bedtime drink。
  Lettuce diet contains dietary fiber and vitamin C, have a role to eliminate excess fat, so called weight loss lettuce, salad, or you can choose to eat fried method。