Chinatown Le livable primaries polling stations, due to the small number of 20-day vote, so often deserted scene appeared votes。
(United States, "World News" correspondent Huang Huiling / Photography) 20 Chinatown turnout was significantly lower in each polling station, which is located Le livable ticket before 20 noon, a total of 70 voters voted on, the newspaper reporter about 20 am 11:00 to observe the votes, followed by about 20 minutes, did not enter any voter to vote。 Parties outside the polling stations in the electoral officer, said he served as party election officer for many years, this year to participate in primaries to vote who obviously extremely rare。   Around 11:30, the newspaper reporter transferred to Cushing's primary vote of observation, according to the site's official election statistics, until noon, only 20 people went to the polls。
Voting took a friend to the scene of ethnic Chinese voters outside polling stations told to remember, "if not relatives Come on, he did not want to vote, because he is actually just voted Democratic candidate for governor of that bar," candidates for other positions "Do not know" so none of the marquee。   Chinatown surnamed Chen, head of the organization said that the number of general primary vote was relatively small, "although not a good sign, but still considered normal," he said, Chinese voters for the primary election participation rate is not high, mainly due to not engage in clear exactly what jobs, let alone understand the political background of the candidates。
  He cited, including the Illinois Attorney General, the Cook County Sheriff, director of Cook County property revaluation Bureau jobs are closely linked with the public interest laws and everyday life, but one who did not stand for election because the election tentacles Chinatown, the fact that many voters what kind of work is not clear what is responsible for these functions, leading to "have the right to vote but to give up."。
  The official said that the primary job include Congressman, who won the primaries will represent the political parties in November midterm elections, when the election results will be about 2020 presidential election, in fact, very important, he said, Chinese participation in the primaries is not positive enough to improve problems in the future need to strengthen awareness of the Chinese voters in primaries and elections to improve the Chinese instructions will be held screenings。

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