Taiwan media: Taiwan the opportunity to be self-mourning "Central Network News" today published the article on the mainland perspective set "patient" pointed out that the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, National Development and Reform Commission business Central Organization Department and other 29 departments, on February 28 issued and implemented the "number of measures to promote cross-strait economic and cultural cooperation," the magnitude of large, deep content, is a major milestone in the mainland's Taiwan work, has aroused strong repercussions in the Taiwan society and vibration。
  DPP authorities immediately issued a warning to the community and restrictions, but believed all sectors of Taiwan, Taiwan enterprises, Taiwan-related personnel are green and the community know how to grasp the opportunities from the mainland, the Taiwan authorities warning or limit the effect would be limited。
  DPP authorities to take "name" means good, in the sixteenth day after the release of 31 measures, issued in response to the "eight strong Taiwan policy", known as the four-oriented, measures 39。
The results of public opinion quite how to react, seen as empty, poor, not specific enough, and so the lack of strategy。
Plain, if the 39 measures that can have a positive benefit, then Taiwan is more or less positive, constructive, and which of course is most looking forward to the Taiwan authorities,。

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