The vicious cycle of sleep rhythm that often wake up at night, or has not been sufficient to wake up before the rest of the people, their sleep rhythm is very confusing, at all stages of brain waves diagram showed rapid, steep and inhibited the wave pattern, which is not seen in normal sleep。
Therefore, only 4-5 of sufficiently good deep sleep, the body's physiological function can be fully repaired, the immune system can be strengthened, and the energy can be fully complementary。
To extend sleep time does not necessarily make up for their lack of sleep, on the contrary, if blindly in bed, but did not get quality sleep。 This is for the human body but is detrimental, it may even shorten your life。 Zaoshuizaoqi good sleep for a few hours will be short-lived?This vicious cycle cycle continues, the result is that your sleep system is weakened。 Physiological rest period is disrupted, the body can not get enough energy, letting your immune system to reduce the。