It takes a great deal of courage to write down this sad season.   Outside the window, autumn has already disseminated mountains and mountains into a red-yellow landscape. Day, no cloud, empty heartache. The red maple leaves reluctantly leave the branches at the request of the wind and are planted on the ground in a whirl..   Leaves leave the branches, whether it is the pursuit of the wind or the non-retention of the trees?   In the dark, maybe it was destined to be so, or maybe . Ah, my wife was lying quietly, sleeping soundly.. Say it’s a nap. In fact, I haven’t closed my eyes, lost, painful, helpless, and upset. All of my thoughts welled up in my mind, so I had to count the falling Ye Er out of the window and listen to the sound of them falling to the ground.. Why is a life so short? Looking at my sleeping wife, I could not bear to wake her up.   What kind of day was that. By the time the doctor called me into the operating room, my wife had nearly collapsed. In just five minutes, a life has already bid farewell to us. I picked up my wife, walked out of the operating room, and she lay in a heavy bed, muttering, ” The doctor didn’t let me see him, I didn’t see him.”. The two mothers quietly stood by the hospital bed, and I dragged heavy steps to pay money and take medicine, ready to give my wife anti-inflammatory injections.   My mind is blank.   Leaves leave the branches, whether it is the pursuit of the wind or the non-retention of the trees?   In summer, when his wife’s lower abdomen gradually swells, what kind of joy is that! The two mothers used almost all the human relationships to conduct a carpet search in the rural areas where they were, buying native chickens and eggs.. As long as my wife likes to eat fruits and snacks, we buy big bags and big bags. My wife loves to eat fruit, apples, grapes, oranges and other foods in turn.. We meet, and in autumn, we will go to the hospital to check and see our baby. Just thinking, looking forward to, the in the mind sweet honey.   The waiting days are not all calm. Maybe it’s a heavy work pressure, maybe it’s a strong reaction during pregnancy, and we often quarrel. The most serious one is the reconciliation between the two parents.. Now that I think about it, as a man and as a husband, it would be great if I could endure and understand more.   When we met in the hospital for the first examination, the doctor carefully told us that there was a pregnant sac, but there was no embryo bud and no fetal heart beat, and suggested a review after a week.. I hurriedly comforted my wife. It doesn’t matter, quack, don’t believe it. Besides, it’s still a little small. Maybe it will happen in a period of time.. But looking at the young couples who went to the examination, they walked out of the B – ultrasound room talking and laughing, as if a sense of foreboding was coming towards us..   A week later, we changed to a hospital. The doctor examined was an acquaintance. She examined it very carefully.. After the examination, the doctor only asked me one sentence: ” Do you really want it?”? ‘ my in the mind a surprised, why don’t you? This is our flesh and blood.   What can I do?   We had to reveal the news to both parents. At the other end of the phone, the voice of concern has been incessant. Parents ask acquaintances, seek folk prescription, tell experience, comfort us not to panic, wait and see..   What do I do? My wife felt that her abdomen had stopped rising, and I began to think it was her psychological role. But a week later, I also found that her abdomen did not change, which was contrary to what she should have been pregnant for three months.. In that case, only go to the hospital and check again at the best hospital in the state.   Everything is in vain. The doctor took the B – mode ultrasound image with no expression on his face: ” It’s no longer useful to have an operation, and staying in the body for too long will affect adults.”. The cold words did not give us any hope. Since the three hospitals have all given the same answer, I know that it is no use trying to force it again, and there is no luck to say … ah, maybe our ignorance, maybe our carelessness, why do we just feel the throb of new life, and immediately face such a difficult farewell? The world is so wonderful, with the splendor of the ebb and flow, the elegance of flowers and flowers, and the ease of clouds and clouds. But why does he have no time to look at the world and experience such a rebirth??   . Ah, I woke up my wife and got ready to go to work. After a period of rest and recuperation, the wife has been able to live independently and both parents are busy living in their hometown.. I pushed off all meals and social parties and accompanied my wife as long as I got off work. I just wanted to protect her, don’t want her, and don’t want us to be hurt again..   Walking on the way to work, the yellow leaves of roadside trees kept falling in the autumn wind.  Leaves leave the branches, whether it is the pursuit of the wind or the non-retention of the trees?   Perhaps, every child is an angel sent by God to the world. Perhaps God could not bear to see him suffer in this noisy and impetuous world, so he was called back again.. At this point, he is probably spreading his wings and flying freely in the place where hundreds of flowers blossom, birds fly and music sing together.. I think.   Perhaps, on a certain autumn day in a certain month in a certain year, we will get together.   Yes, we will meet at last.     White Sands, October 10, 2011.