General Manager iQIYI film rights Collaborating Center Sonja believes that network big movie to bring a new business and distribution models, great creators, platform, party capital for both new opportunities and commercial potential。   Amoy dream Holdings founder and CEO Yin Chao pointed out that the network can effectively promote the big movie content creation。 In this business model, the implementation of party payment platform way split, which requires the director to be user-oriented, innovative ideas, talk about good content to viewers。
  Director-phase Guoqiang said that the emergence of a large network of movie director brings many benefits, they can tell a good story and focus on the continuation of their own style, and encourage Chinese Genre rich and diversified, creating more have style director。
  Panelists generally agreed that the film industry is approaching the era of big data, big data analytics to make relatively accurate estimate of the market, pre-selection of the film, the medium-term production, post "Replay" has great reference value。