Text / Guangzhou Daily reporter quiet view of all media / Guangzhou Daily high crane all media reporter intern Tao Huan then taken has shown signs of "the strongest brain" once forecast Guangzhou next two every 12 minutes?Weather six hours into the supercomputer center on the second floor of Guangzhou is located in Guangzhou City of Sun Yat-sen University, East Campus of the computer room, a total of nine rows of computing system is a "whirring whirring……"High speed operation, the body height of each row of nearly two meters computing system, there are numerous blue light beam on the black panel beating, the relief on the host panel -" Milky II "impressively eye, people like exposure to science fiction movie scene。
"Super is not a mystery, it lives with the general public, such as Guangzhou, accurate forecasting of weather, is behind the 'Tianhe-2' ', the National Supercomputer Center in Guangzhou, chief engineer Du Yunfei opened the" chatterbox "。
  Today, many people are accustomed to receive a daily message from the Guangzhou Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued weather, the strong convective weather-prone season, but will receive instant messages yellow rainstorm warning, orange rainstorm warning, etc.。
I believe that many people in Guangzhou have similar feelings: "Now more and more accurate weather forecasting, and sometimes receive information 'will be the next one hour rain' in before work, after work will bring rain gear。 "Du Yunfei said," Since the 'Tianhe-2' settled in Guangzhou, began to cooperate with the business to optimize the tropical Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Bureau of Meteorology。
"From last year, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Meteorology use of 'Tianhe-2' fine numerical weather prediction models developed regions upgrade from the past 'three kilometers' resolution to 'one kilometer', in the weather forecast, the resolution improvement of accuracy It has important implications。 Today, "one kilometer" Guangzhou model is able to predict every 12 minutes to scroll the next six hours weather, to achieve "the-minute" quick update。 It is because this "strongest brain" of support, Guangzhou Fine forecast has reached the leading domestic level。
In June last year, Typhoon "Merbok" struck by "one kilometer" mode, at 13:00 on the accurate prediction of the typhoon landing point Merbok midnight landing, before and after the rain and typhoon moving path, do it for flood control and disaster prevention good fully prepared。
Du Yunfei said, "Tianhe-2" is the only Super Computer support of business operations。   "Tianhe-2" and "report card" is much more than that, in addition to accurate weather forecast, also supports the Guangzhou subway operations; help scientists find dark matter, gravitational wave research; do shockproof computing Guangzhou East Tower, West Tower; 4 hours to complete the sequencing of the human genome had required eight months of work……With the advance of technology, this supercomputer in addition to the traditional high-performance computing to complete, also includes the operation of cloud computing, data processing, deep learning, etc.。
  Research and application of multi-field test "supercomputer" capability, combined with the future supercomputers and artificial intelligence is defined by the thousands or more processors, can calculate large and complex issue of ordinary computers and server computers can not be completed。
"Milky II", a total of 32,000 and 48,000 main CPU coprocessor, which system is a theoretical peak (quadrillion flops per second) for the calculation speed quadrillion times / sec。 "Tianhe-2" The whole system, including computing and communications are concentrated in the center of Guangzhou, the host room, row 9 computing system, a total of 16,000 compute nodes。 Among tens of thousands of nodes using an optical fiber connection, so that "the strongest brain" of the optical fibers to have more than 50,000。   In the United States, Japan, Europe and other countries and regions, "supercomputing" is mainly used to solve scientific engineering computing, open to National Research Group。 Our supercomputer is somewhat different, it is a common platform for applications, scientific research not only be used to solve problems, but also applications in government, public life and industry sectors。
Currently, the "Milky Way II" has deployed more than 700 software applications and tools, total number of users has exceeded 2000, is the largest number of users around the world, one of the highest utilization rate of supercomputing systems, of which 80% of users are from universities and research institutions, the other 20% is business。 Aircraft design, automotive design, high-speed rail design, communication design, etc., more and more industries are with the "Tianhe-2" to complete the design process。
  In recent years, China's rapid development of animation and film industry, rendered in animation, film special effects production methods, to achieve world-class standards, they must rely on has a strong computing power of computers。
Supercomputer addition to providing complex, high-resolution photorealistic rendering tasks, the most important thing is to shorten the production cycle, thereby significantly reducing the cost of rendering。 Unexpected is the current "Tianhe-2" has been involved in rendering and animation effects produced one hundred, including the well-known "bear infested"。
In addition, Guangzhou, a local 3D home design also completed its rendering, design and other projects on the "Tianhe-2"。   Because of operational support services for supercomputing systems with higher reliability, system support requirements。 How to protect the entire team a systematic and orderly and safe operation?Reporters in Guangzhou Center to see the team through the system of staff are the engine room of water, electricity, fire, air conditioning and other closely monitored。 Many well known, computers are electronic products, its biggest "enemies" is the water in the rainy season, Guangzhou, high humidity external environment, infrastructure team must control the humidity of the room, "operation and maintenance team is 7 × 24-hour period, a time to find any problems can be treated. "。 Meanwhile, the Guangzhou Center also has a dedicated team responsible for "Tianhe-2" network security, hardware + software using methods to protect the safe operation of the entire system。
  "Tianhe-2" from the beginning of 2014 officially has almost four years, the current average utilization rate of over 70%。
So R & D team in Guangzhou, the center set up a new room, be put into use in new equipment will add more big data processing and artificial intelligence。   "And the combination of artificial intelligence is the future direction of development Supercomputer。 "Du Yunfei said so。 With the evolution of the information age, computing power occupy an increasingly important role in human life, past supercomputer focused on science and engineering applications, as technology development, which combines artificial intelligence and data processing increasingly close。
in the future?Level system, the integration of advanced computing and artificial intelligence will be the inevitable。 For example, the United States recently announced plans è level, it is an important direction of artificial intelligence, the system is expected to be completed in 2021。 With the addition of artificial intelligence, the supercomputer will be a change in chip design and architecture design。   Imagine: the future of the city, there is a super computer to support the use of unmanned entire information system, the use of such information is the basis behind the supercomputer complex calculations and processing。 There are urban security, real-time processing by supercomputers camera, track any person or vehicle can easily identify emerging。   "Super Computer" Hardware: made in China have adopted a global accelerator "Super Computer" per second up to exascale supercomputer traced the history of China's future: In 1983, China successfully developed the first supercomputer Milky Way One, making China the following United States, Japan, after the third independent design and development of the national supercomputer。 Supercomputer shoulder important task to solve the major problems challenging the country's economic construction, social development, national defense construction and other fields, so it is a strategic high ground in the competition for the world。
  As of mid-2017, China's National Supercomputing Center to build six, respectively, the center of Tianjin, Changsha, Jinan Center, Guangzhou Center, Shenzhen Center, Wuxi Center。
Among them, "Tianhe-2" settled in Guangzhou Super Computer Center。   As one of China's supercomputer development iconic system, in 2013 successfully developed the "Milky Way II", at the time of millions billion times / second speed of operation set a world record in the supercomputing field。 Its record until June 2016, was China's "divinity Taihu Light" break。
At present, China's "divinity Taihu light" computing speed has reached a million million million times per second, is the world's fastest supercomputer。 According to the latest global supercomputer in November 2017 released 500 list, China's "divinity Taihu Light" and "Tianhe-2" among the world's first and second place。
  Complete localization is the belief of every supercomputer researchers of our country。
Du Yunfei confidently told reporters that last year the team officially completed "Tianhe-2" upgrade。
Although Intel is still the main chip, but accelerator is already China's own research and development, instead of past foreign brands accelerator nodes are also part of the use of domestic chip as the main CPU。 The future, China's supercomputer will follow the path of self-made chips, and software ecosystem to form in line with domestic chip technology。
  Currently, the industry experts, the competition window of the supercomputer will be in 2020。
According to the development plan of China's supercomputer, has been included in Thirteen Five ē level system planning, 2020, will launch ē-level system, the computational capacity will reach exascale。 Although China's "divinity Taihu light" and "Tianhe-2" is still among the world's top two, but has a tendency to catch up with the United States and Japan, the United States this summer are building at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Lawrence two 200P and 130P Supercomputer, located at Argonne national laboratory in the United States?Class "supercomputing" plans in 2021 to build。