Sirloin rich in protein, the composition ratio is closer to human needs, can improve the body's resistance to disease, and surgery on the growth and development, aftercare of people are particularly suitable in the supplementary loss of blood, tissue repair, etc.。    Practice: stew taste: Other flavors French wine stew sirloin carrot approach material: a sirloin, Yang radish flowers (or turnip), onion, leek (onion), cream, soy sauce, red wine, white sugar; approach: 1. Sirloin washed, cut, boiled in boiling water wash, dry Li; 2. Ding cut onion, chives cut large; 3. A melting pot of butter, add onion small fire stir-fry color; 4. Join block sirloin stir-fry, add red wine (according to personal preference how many random) stir fragrant, add soy sauce first color; five. Add water over the meat, turn a small fire simmer and cook hour; 6. Add sugar, carrot, leek, continue to cook about 20 minutes; 7.Fire received soup thick you can transfer to a plate; sprinkle a little spice western bay leaves decoration。