[REVIEW] Indeed, there is also a very dark place, of course, ultimately, snake-infested, the more hot weather snake out more easily, climb mountain spring water here, it said that this is a common thing, how many times was discovered confirmed the.    Yamane west beneath the acacia trees and small partners that I often go to places where mining rabbit food to go, that is what mining leaves and wild rabbits eat; we also place the sheep, was not yet closed forest, and now is dying.    Where acacia trees is a big one, there are growing throughout the valley acacia, very thick of it!    Favorite or May of acacia trees, is the acacia blossom season, a string of white acacia flowers, looked all the way to feel their aroma, all in front of white acacia flowers in the valley eyeful are white, eyes intoxicating aroma.That taste is simply too strong, and not an ordinary rich, fragrant than I feel now with the French perfume woman, also concentrated.    We are not far from the acacia trees, looked forward, eyes full of vitality, especially to hear the blackbirds crows make us feel waves of inner joy, always do, have this feeling.Just go to this point on, we’ll be tempted excitement, directed at the mountain, shouting directed at the woods: here I come!we are coming!    Throughout the valley, acacia trees are echoed throughout our voice: I come!we are coming!    We’ll be tempted to sheep in their excitement constantly “Frankie,” called out.Each partner has its own little sheep, I raised a sheep, unlike some smaller partners raised a flock of sheep, two pairs of partners rods, that is, twins, they have a dozen sheep.A sheep romp, and we happily together towards the acacia trees.This season is a time of growing things, but the best season to release mood, especially in May, the sheep are felt, not to mention we do?    Excited flock seems more eager than we are, more anxious toward the acacia trees, they ran in front of us, scrambling, sprinkled with flowers to our guide, the sheep of acacia flowers fragrant than our fascination with, or why they such worry about it?    The valley where sheep spring is the most favorite place, of course, is our favorite place, and that is our sweet mountain spring water into a rushing mountain the place to go.After walking a few mountain already feel thirsty, but has not Let us go and drink mountain spring water, the sheep had to spring for a packed, they have a good drink.We had to wait for the sheep to drink a good talk.    This spring there is a place called the Temple, where we often come.Also our horses rest of the place, of course, not horses, but drink ourselves, our sheep drink.Here acacia particularly dense, very cool in the valley, the air is moist, is fragrance, and his mouth as the aroma of flowers, deep breath very comfortable, this is a natural oxygen bar.I remember ten years ago back home with her daughter to come here, it was a summer morning, breathing the mountain Qingxin atmosphere here, really feel a long absence, still feel it when young.    Indeed, the place is very dark here, of course, ultimately, snake-infested, the more hot weather snake out more easily, climb mountain spring water here, said that this is a common thing, how many times was discovered confirmed the.It is said that the snake is still a long great, probably the old residents here, who will not move it.Serpent is often thought to be become a fine, dynamic absolutely do not provoke.Of course, we always have these kids have not seen such a snake, have not seen it in spring water to drink, or we are afraid of.Of course, I was afraid of snakes, of which several small partners are most afraid of snakes, but always love to play snake, the more they feel playing snake playing more vigorously.    On one occasion, probably approaching dusk, the light has dimmed, we found a snake in the bottom of the temple, not great, one meter long, not very thick, that two pairs of brothers to take the lead to go after this stick snakes, many of our children are standing behind them, I do not have that kind of courage that they, just join in the fun.Snake was knocked out, double bars in a snake lifted a finger thrown from the tail of the snake, the snake is said that rejection of the bones on the cake, even if the move can not wake up.This place is like a temple deep in the woods of acacia, I usually dare not come, even then there are one or two partners are also afraid to come in, have to many people, especially those with double-stick brothers courage to do this companion heart at ease.Here is relatively dark places, the snake is certainly more, it is where I fear.Of course, May is still relatively safe, acacia flowers of the season to go rest assured, it does not matter.Primarily when July and August, which was frequented by snakes and scorpions, I categorically will not dare to go without.    This place is acacia trees I often go forty years ago, where we have the story of how many young ah, ah hometown of partner, you remember?    2011.2.24 [Editor: Can children]