Ticker May 4, the sun at home to 111-102 narrowly beat the Spurs, won the first battle。
  The sun double-digit lead in the first half, but the third quarter was the go-ahead, but eventually the sun is still tenacious clearance。
  3 people on the two teams have 20 points, Steve – Steve Nash scored 33 points for the Suns and 10 assists, 30 points of which is income the first three quarters。 Jason – Richardson 27 points, Amare – Amare Stoudemire 23 points and 13 rebounds。   Spurs GDP trio are on 20 points, Manu – Manu Ginobili 27 points, Tim – Tim Duncan 20 points and 11 rebounds, Tony – Parker 26 points。
  The two teams are rivals, met several times in recent years in the playoffs, the Spurs won three times in the process have recently defeated the sun。 Now the two sides meet again in the playoffs, the sun still has home advantage, the Spurs have become accustomed to this point。
  San Antonio is not the year of the Spurs defensive specialist Bruce – Bruce Bowen and Robert – Robert Horry had already left the band, and George – Hill and Richard – Jefferson has become a new force。
The sun is strong support Richardson's playoffs he scored points per game, ranking first in the team。
  Richardson today there is still a good performance, but the soul of the sun is Nash。 Opening Hou Nashi succeeded again and again, the sun to 14-5 start, Nash a person would have had 11 points, but also assists 1。 Richardson cast succeeded in this section there are 2 minutes and 31 seconds, one scored 4 points, the Suns 25-14 achieved double-digit advantage。 Under the impact of the two men, the first section of the sun lead to 31-22。
Nash this section, a person who scored 17 points。   Section 7 minutes and 31 seconds when Ginobili hit two free throws, the Spurs chasing the score 33-37, but thereafter they lose the feeling, in 4 minutes and then failed to shooting。 Nash rate of solar fight back, in this section there are 3 minutes and 27 seconds, Nash shot, 48-34 to expand the advantage of the sun again。
Until this section there are 3 minutes 16 seconds, the Spurs once again succeeded only by a Manu Ginobili, but Stoudemire immediately with a fine cast also 3 minutes, the sun kept the advantage to 57-47 halftime。   The Spurs are not to be trifled with。 Parker and Ginobili fruitful in the third quarter began, they attack a wave of 20-7 start this section, in this section there are 7 minutes 25 seconds, Ginobili hit third, the Spurs to 67 -64 overtake。 Spurs face the sudden wave of attacks, the sun some confusion, but soon hold its ground。 Richardson also credited with three points, Nash has since continued to succeed。
Tied the game at 73-73 after the Spurs in this section last 3 minutes 42 seconds only 2 points, the sun took the opportunity to widen the gap again, Frye and Richardson have two-thirds vote, they ended with a 12-2 attack In this section, three quarters to 85-75 maintain our edge。 5 minutes after the previous scored 20 points, the last 7 minutes of this section, only 8 points Spurs。
  Sun scored four points to start the fourth quarter, made 14-point advantage。
Spurs played in this section for nearly two minutes before succeeded by the Bogang Si, a man he scored five points, the Spurs comeback。 Competition also 4 minutes 26 seconds, after the cast Ginobili hit Spurs complete attack wave 13-1, chasing the score 93-94。   The sun failed to hit a ball in six minutes, we can only rely on free throws to keep ahead。
Competition also 3 minutes 01 seconds, the sun finally made Stoudemire hit a ball。
Spurs continuous shot, Richardson pointer with 1 minute 23 seconds the third hit, the sun expand the advantage to 103-95。
  Spurs then failed to narrow the gap to five points or less, powerless。
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