Many animals will be in the spring heat, some animals once a year or even several years before, some several times a year, and people with animals is not the same, one can at any time, the mechanism behind these two cases are completely different。
When spring comes, longer duration of sunshine, the temperature gradually rises, rebirth, green leafy competing fighting Yan, animals, birds and insects nor stingy they tweet。 These experiences come quickly, and in stark contrast to the dreary motive。
Which will affect the nervous system from the following aspects。
1.Seasonal changes in daylight driving period other nerve and optic cone cells than rod cells, there is a third human retinal photoreceptor cells intrinsicallyphotosensitiveretinalganglioncells (ipRGC).IpRGC history soon discovered, there is no unified Chinese translation, so use the following unified representation ipRGC。 IpRGC the melanopsin-containing cells, to produce a series of light chemical reaction, ipRGC ipRGC discharge cells in the light signal transmitted to the hypothalamus (hypothalamus) through the optic nerve to directly control the rhythm nucleus suprachiasmaticnucleus (SCN), and other nerve nuclei。
The hypothalamus is the nerve center of a high-level regulation of endocrine activity, it controls the secretion of various neurotransmitters through a variety of nuclei, which control the body's many functions。 Hypothalamic volume less than 4 cm ^ 3, but a lot of internal nuclei, the mutual relationship between the complex。 SCN is one of the most important functions of the hypothalamus nuclei, which play the role of rhythm control, regulate circadian cycle and seasonal cycle of human。
The arrival of spring sunshine through long this mechanism will drive the animal and the human nervous system, endocrine changes。
Why do people want more love in the spring?Specific to humans, it reflects changes in melatonin, thyroid hormones, and d, respectively, thereby affecting people's sleep (春眠不觉晓, adequate amounts of sleep), energy (more abundant energy) and bodily sensations (better bones case body feels energetic)。
This reminds body, spring is suitable to eat, and find partners as early as possible in the time when food is plentiful [8], this time, even sperm quality and quantity of the male body have been significantly increased, reaching the highest level of the year, although human estrus does not exist, but our physical condition, like many animals, in the spring, when all respects ready to love。