Bugs fly – beautiful death Zhang Yajun night, I do not know a dream, a dream to wake up things in the past is always fuzzy, this is already Mingxinkegu, for fear that his life was also a memorable.    I was just turned in June, is like crying toddlers, my grandmother put me on a small wooden bench in the reverse, surrounded by all the rafters in the eyes of the four legs of the tongue, rafters just as the cradle of the fence, I cradle boxy sitting pretty down to earth, listening to the grandmother singing: “Bugs, Bugs, Fly -” the eyes of a pair of slender white finger, two finger tap it sang: “Bugs.”Multiplexing to multiplex more quickly when the touch: ‘worm, worm, worm worm.’Singing sound if the raindrops hit the leaves drop, like a flash slips two fingers apart, he opened the grandmother’s wild heart: “Fly -” The Phantom surprised joy.White wash moon eyebrows, eyes sparkling with joy surprise silver glory.    ”Fly – Fly – Bugs, Bugs, Fly -” Happy Bugs fly in silver-gray sky, the silver-gray wide Amano in Fly, fly in the heart of the wild expanse of grandmother’s silver Yeah.    Silver-gray sky haunted my grandmother and sweet bell-like laughter.    I asked my mother six months old child in the morning you really have memory?Dream things that really happened yet?    Mother feeding chickens on the roof garden, the mountains east of the sun and gave her mother a black shadow, I stepped in the shadow of her mother, and my heart was afraid: Mom hurt you?    ”Bugs, Bugs, Fly -” Grandma to sing the songs I sang, my mother turned round, sounding white eyebrows, the same month wash, hair dye layer of the sun, like a sweet smile out of saffron.    ”I’m renowned for my grandmother, and she gave me sing this song it.”Mom’s eyes in flashback backlighting, the clear sky and not the same, is half shade half sunny silver-gray sky looks like, floating in a dark cloud going to rain.    I crouch down, learn to sing like my grandmother to my mother sing again: “Bugs, Bugs, Fly -” to see my mother’s eyes are dark clouds have been condensed into a chilly dew cream, chickens peck twitter anti behind her in the palm of your hand, pointed small mouth peck the mother’s palm, and twitch under a leaf in the wind twenty-three is pointed small mouth peck her mother’s nerves, the image memory in the mother’s mind as slowly playback.    That year the weather is very unusual, winter without snow, but the beginning of spring snow, dry and white snowflakes drift, combined with the sound of rustling grandmother singing rhythm.The next day the sky is clearing up, the sun rose to get the message highest in the sky far away.    Back to the countryside grandmother’s room, opened the door and filled with smoke of sandalwood, incense ah really, really fragrant ah grandmother’s soul.Pull days in the setting sun curtains grandmother’s face, the face of too makeup, curved moon eyebrows, lips sipping water orchid red, white hairs along induced brilliance, a green water, trimmed with fine pure white elegant , micro skirt folds rippling water waves, lotus leaf color embroidered shoes to wear on the exquisite bare feet, and her face is very clean, white and mix thoroughly, exposing the skin dry and white as snow, it is one of the altogether Zhichuang, my heart can not stand the sound of her mother Qinghuan.Really white sheets and pillow mat which, not dust mask slightly Egypt, she is so unblemished passed away, using a fairy way.So Grandma can back and forth between heaven and earth, would like us to arrange a dream came, she was much more attractive than we would like to facilitate.    Grandmother’s death is a huge conspiracy, conspirators of her own, beginning: confusing process: smartly furnished, Results: porcelain embroidery, the world is a beautiful death, if the world design contest grandmother died of design can not the first to win the dispute, director of the organizing committee will be presented to her reputation consistent with the dignity of her classic elegance and rich prize medal, presumably grandmother would be assigned her honor and wealth to the gods and fleeting beauty soul.    In a few days ago near her death, the grandmother travel through all living relatives, only those dead grandmother did not go to visit relatives, because she went to visit them some time.And when their loved ones farewell, she always come back to sweet smile, Amen, benevolent God bless you, the sun rain harvest of the earth bless you.To say goodbye to these visits and procedures are designed to expose her true features, those of my relatives looked extremely intelligent way, either: not insensitive, either: simply silly package cook!    ”Bugs, Bugs, Fly -” Fly, fly is not gone yet?Although I was very young and my heart is clear, straightforward is useless, can not speak, only babbling, gesturing gestures, such informers to expose the conspiracy grandmother, my mother thought it was me hungry miles.    (2014.4.18 draft)