Any kind of periodic parts by recurrent oral mucosal ulceration damage limitation characteristics, self-healing, can occur in the oral mucosa。 Here is a small recipe treatment of 10: 1, vitamin?1 tablet?2 crushed, applied to surface ulcers, silent moment, 2 times a day。
  2.  The mouth wash clean, sterile cotton swab and then applied to the surface of the ulcer honey, rubbed after the temporary do not diet。
15 minutes, swallow honey can be used even with saliva, then continue rubbed rubbed several times a day to repeat。
  3, watermelon half, dig West rang, squeezing juice, melon juice contained in the mouth, about 2?3 minutes after the swallow, and then with the new melon juice, repeated several times。
  4, tomato juice, including the mouth, each containing a few minutes, several times a day。   5, the fresh bitter gourd 160 g (dried 80 g), boiling water, tea drinking。 1 1。
General use 3?5 can be markedly。
  6, taken Shishuang Shishuang from persimmon, porridge with boiled water or added in the taking。   7, the choice of whole milk powder whole milk, 2-3 times a day, each time a spoon, add a little sugar, boiled water, better night's rest before the blunt effect。
Usually two days ulcer symptoms can disappear。
  8, walnut shell walnut shell takes about 10 per day, water decoction orally, three times a day, for 3 consecutive days, oral ulcers can be cured。   9, taken eighty-nine rose with small rose calyx, mash, add a small cup of honey into a paste, coating aphthous lesion, typically 3?5 times Jiyu。   10, taken Liushen Liushen one (30) crushed into powder, 2 ml of cold water soaked liquid reserve to become thin paste。
Medication to clean the mouth, and then dipped Liushen ulcer was applied with a clean cotton swab to preprandial 10?Better medication 15 minutes, 3 times a day, at bedtime plus 1。 General medicine 5 minutes to reach the analgesic effect, eating no pain, increase appetite。
1 small ulcers?2 days can be cured; multiple ulcer medication 3 days recovery。