What are the health knowledge on gender gender in life is an indispensable part of people's lives, but also the health of the sexes must be taken seriously。 The following small series to give you some common sense gender health, which could cause cervical cancer!According to the latest disaster because young cancer statistics, the number of young women in their twenties and thirties suffering from cervical cancer was significantly increased in the resistance, and a considerable number of patients with cervical cancer has advanced at diagnosis。 Cause is not yet fully understood, but the medical profession generally believe that the factors which is 18 years of age sex, multiple sexual partners, more than three births, multiple uterine cervix aspects of surgical procedures, malnutrition and other relevant, especially with sex closely related to unclean。 Cervical cancer because of early sex, and age of first sexual intercourse undefended smaller, the more sexual partners, the higher the frequency, the higher the incidence of cervical cancer。 The study found that the age of first sexual intercourse less than 15 years of age, the chance of suffering from cervical cancer is 10 times normal。
Experts explained: cervical tissue girls not yet fully mature, more tender weak, poor ability to fight disease, to external carcinogens and cancer-promoting substances sensitive, vulnerable to cancer-causing factors of stimulation and disease。
So, if the girl is not yet mature began sexual intercourse, sexual objects is HPV (human papilloma virus) carriers, the virus will be infected girls to the immature cervix。
So wrap young girls cervical cancer is not without reason, in recent years, young age at first intercourse significantly earlier, young people do not know how to properly use condoms to protect themselves, susceptible to HPV。
Gender health knowledge Weapon sets of parents, young girls can do better sex education, so that children would be best to avoid premature sexual intercourse but。
If not possible, then the girls must enhance self-protection awareness, cervical cancer prevention simplest and most effective way is to use a condom during sex, which can block the virus to avoid HPV infection。 Husband more than two partners to be careful, I have multiple sexual partners are also risk factors, the risk is directly proportional to their number of sexual partners of cervical cancer。
Statistics found that, with 10 sexual partners than 1 sexual partners prevalence of relatively high risk of more than 3 times。 This is because sperm antibodies will produce a sperm into the vagina, this antibody generally disappear in about four months before being。 If the partner much too frequent sexual intercourse, will produce a variety of antibodies, into the body in a short time, thereby interfering with sperm antibody-antibody reaction, and therefore susceptible to cervical cancer。