Wheat cheeky excited, obviously is just shooting very satisfied, patted the shoulders of Lin-sheng, “Congratulations, ah, two tasks are complete perfection.”
  Lin-sheng think that just Stolen Kisses under the table by them to see, especially embarrassed Behind his.
  Yao Ji gift to him and asked: “two tasks?In addition to what surprises?”
  Lin-sheng small channel: “Let you can not help but have to kiss me.”
  Rare, Yao Ji ceremony even ears are red, “Oh,” a cry, not to speak.
  Program group and took two interview segments, and then explain to the shooting date of the first period, leaving Kaoru Lin Media.
  Since a trip to Lin-sheng, the company will simply accompany the class on the day Yao Ji ceremony.Back to the top of the two offices together, fast when the door, behind security modest whispered:
  ”Mr. Lin, the driver just contacted me, said to have personally your brother back home, is your aunt down in person to pick.”
  Forest Health smiled, “An assistant of hard.”
  After Qian An account is completed, the two left the office space.
  Closing the door behind him, Yao Ji ceremony rub a handful of forest raw hair, “you ah, just suddenly appeared in the room, really.”
  Lin-sheng close to him, “What really?”