Beijing on March 20, Cavaliers beat the Bucks 124-117。 LeBron – James H under 40 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists super three pairs at the same time, a knight bench also played amazing: Ante – Zizic played 17 minutes, 6 from 4, scored 13 points , 6 rebounds and 1 blocked shots。
This is among the last five games, the fourth time he scored in double figures。
From the beginning of the season to the bench to sit through, but now into the regular rotation Knight, he has even starting to play some games – look, Zizic with five months to complete the transformation of the above。 But in fact, this road, he was gone for almost two years……Time to return to the June 24, 2016。
That year's draft was held at the home of the Nets Barclays Center。 On this night, the Boston Celtics is undoubtedly one of the protagonists。 They hand seven draft picks, which is three first-round picks, respectively, the third pick, 16th overall, and 23 overall。
Respectively off the talented striker Jay – Brown and 21-year-old French combat power inside the Gaelic male – After Brod Celeste, the site of the Green Army fans as the team brought applause and cheers。 In the 23 pick, Adam – Silverstone read out the Ante – Zizic name, but it led to bursts of boos。
At that time, the Croatian star was 19 years old。
Even in Europe's top court, he is only a rookie it。
Compared to the long-famous Brod Celeste, his lack of fan base in faraway America are taken for granted。
Like today's new master Knicks Regis Tianjin Boer, they are also among the NBA draft that year was New York fans boo……But Zizic wave with God is obviously not the same level of player。
After the latter bearing the Knicks put the subject of a hat, I never had to worry about NBA contract。 And Zizic but after being selected, still uneasy reiterated to the media: "There is no doubt, I want to play NBA, if there is a chance this year……"However, just two weeks later, the Green Army General Butler Danny – Angelina officially confirmed: the team will not immediately sign with Zizic, who will then experience a year in European competition。
Zizic of course very disappointed。
Since childhood, he almost bubble grew up in the European arena。 His 哥哥安德里卡 – Zizic bigger than he was 17 years old。
Almost from Notepad, Zizic families to enjoy the Arena seats seat, watching his brother killing four on the court; before his brother retired, he was still 萨格勒布希 team with his brother Bonaventura became teammates。 Now, he is eager to a new environment, a higher level of the league campaign the。 But the team's schedule, Zizic of course can not be changed。
He returned to Croatia, the first four games averaged under H points and rebounds; Game 4, he was under the H-37 points, 20 rebounds and three blocked shots super double-double once the US basketball lap caused a sensation; then he switched the Turkish league, joined the former Cavaliers coach David – Blatter coached team。
All this Zizic do not just vent their grievances in mind, it is proved to the Green Army management across the Atlantic that he is ready, and even had early contact with the NBA coaching experience coach。
At the same time, his Green Army, just like on the girl's favorite obsession。 Back in Europe, he was drying on the personal social media out of his own head Dailv Jun hat photograph attend the press conference, I wish the team in the new season to have good luck。
When playing for the European team, he did not forget self-promotion: "Celtic lack of height inside, rebound is weak, and I was good at it。 "Even After playing the game, he played in the locker room watching television, pay close attention to the dynamic game Celtic……All this effort for his return was 9.75 million US dollars a four-year rookie contract, and……He was traded a notification message。
After completion of the Green Army for the summer league, Zizic will continue all day to soak in the team's training hall。 In about Carey – Owen sensation of trade rumors, he did not even heard his name in a variety of rumors in。
But just a month later, he was traded to the packed Cleveland。
At first, Zizic the deal and there is no dissatisfaction。 He was drying out his hand Cavaliers jersey photos, excitedly announced on social media: officially became a knight!But then, Taryn – Lu let him know what it meant to reality: from the opening quarter of this year to March 7, a total of 11 times Zizic is delegated to the Development League。
In which only a single month in December, he sent down four times。 In 62 regular-season games before Knight's, Zizic played a total of only 14 games, a total of only 34 minutes playing time。 In the meantime, Knight almost always faced with the dilemma of not enough height inside。
The only team who fly Cut Out Tristan – Thompson started from early November through injury, a full truce more than a month。 Knight even prefer to let Kevin – Carrefour fifth place on top to play a small lineup, do not want to enable Zizic in the rotation in; but after the team traded for a mid-term dynamic and talented small Nance, Japan Zizic in Cleveland is difficult to have the light of day。 March 4, one case of injuries to Zizic's career ushered in a turning。
At that time, Tristan – Thompson sprained his ankle in the game, will be sidelined indefinitely。
Zizic is Knight recalled from the D-League, has been a stabilization of the season。
But only after he was recalled to play the fourth game, Zizic broke against the Lakers。 He only played 19 minutes, shot 7 of 9 scored 15 points, seven rebounds and two blocked shots, rebounding and scoring a career-high。
Subsequently, the knight away to the sun, small Nance played in the first 14 minutes of a right leg muscle strain, leave for treatment。 Zizic once again seized the opportunity, within 14 minutes 5 shots, scored 11 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assists and 1 blocked shots。 Due to the small Nance has yet to return, Zizic in March 18 knights away Bulls, won a second career opportunity of starting to play, played 20 minutes, 7 of 9 shooting, 14 points, 6 rebounds and 1 blocked shots。 Including today's game, the last five games, in addition to playing a small lineup because almost been abandoned, and the remaining four games, he averaged 18 minutes played, points can be scored plate blocked shots and shooting up to 79% – from an efficiency point of view, this is a near-perfect rotation player data。 By virtue of this data, he finally had the opportunity to stay in the regular rotation of the team in the remaining 10 games of the regular season。 Think about it two years ago – Zizic NBA arena or a desire to touch the floor and not the 19-year-old。
But today, he has only just turned 21 years old。
Taking advantage of the team's main injury hit performance, to lay their team status。
Similar stories are common in the NBA, also have their own characteristics version。 But there is a story, these inspirational drama are highly consistent: chance, never left only those who are prepared。 Ante – Zizic, of course, in this column……More exciting content concerned about the public number (Southampton North mess)。