Garlic is in the process of cooking delicious food seasoning, but also on good nutrition, is an excellent green natural medicines。 Garlic is not only essential food during cooking treasures, but also an important means of daily life during the prevention and treatment。 So what specific role of garlic?1, prevention of tumors and cancers sulfur compounds in garlic can promote intestinal or produces an enzyme known as garlic smell pigment substance, by enhancing the immune ability, to block lipid peroxidation and anti-form a plurality of pathway mutation, eliminate hazardous substance that can cause intestinal tumors in the intestine。
Garlic in germanium and selenium and other elements can inhibit the growth of tumor cells and cancer cells, the experiment found that people with the lowest incidence of cancer is the highest blood selenium content in the crowd。
The American Cancer organization believes the world's most anti-cancer potential of plants, the top of the list is garlic。
2, exuberant energy, impotence studies have shown that garlic does have a role in the treatment of impotence。
Garlic help blood circulation, which is important for erectile function。 What is the mechanism, that is not clear at present, possible explanation is that garlic can stimulate the body to produce nitric oxide synthase, and this enzyme is essential for male erectile enzyme。 Garlic 12 kinds must know the efficacy of addition, garlic can stimulate the secretion of male hormone, which can effectively supplement the desired substance kidneys, due to lack of improvement in symptoms of malaise caused by kidney, to promote the formation of sperm and the sperm count increase, and to increase sperm count。 Modern medicine, blood health is an important factor affecting erectile function。 The modern man often due to poor living habits lead to high cholesterol and other issues, in a sense this is the cause of erectile dysfunction increasing。 The garlic was able to promote blood health, improve blood circulation, and thus help to improve erectile function。