To commemorate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, showing great contribution to the "father of hybrid rice in the world," Yuan Longping made to establish a good image of our scientists, promote the scientific spirit, tell a good story Hunan, produced by the Hunan Provincial Performing Arts Group, Hunan Province Song and Dance Troupe created and performed , was listed as 2018 annual national focus on artistic creation stage repertoire Ministry of culture and national Endowment for the Arts project funded large-scale musical "Yuan Longping" on March 8, at 19:30 on the 9th grandly held in Beijing Tianqiao Art Center。 The drama lasted two years, has more than 40 tour in Hunan, received wide acclaim。
  Description: a seed, can change the world – known as the "father of hybrid rice in the world," Yuan Longping and his team members, arduous journey, exploring the life sciences hybrid rice, ultimately successful, to the world's food increase class made a very great contribution breathtaking。   Musical "Yuan Longping" around the major themes, depicts the protagonist experienced love, family, career and scientific exploration of the fate of bumps and tribulations of life。
Vivid and true, full and profoundly shaped a lofty ideal, determined Dream, glorious image of the brave climb the highest mountain of Chinese contemporary scientists, is a vivid interpretation of the great love of the hero Yuan Longping feelings of devotion。   (Chairman of Hunan Province Song and Dance Theater, the musical "Yuan Longping" Yang Xia said artistic director) of the play value of the significance lies in the following points: 1.Musical Huan Yuan Longping, "the reality is a major theme, Yuan Longping of scientific rigor and determined attitude, perseverance and the pursuit of dreams, today's Chinese people to pursue the dream, set a good example of。   2.Musical "Yuan Longping," the theme of profound and distinct upward, Shen Yun Chinese spirit and Chinese forces。
It is the socialist core values education, convincing era model。   3.Awaken people to love and cherish the land for food。
Yuan Longping, known as the father of hybrid rice in the world, are taking the road, it is the current General Secretary Xi Jinping's "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" practical road five ideas, very practical significance。
  4.Musical good at conflict emotional expression characters with music and dance, development of the story and drama。 Coincided "Yuan Longping," the show has the full emotion, strong story, across time and space features a large, musical form to create extremely accurate and appropriate。
  Fives.Musical "Yuan Longping," the narrative structure, style of music, song and dance presentation, interpretation of the story, has emerged as artistic innovation, consistent with the needs of modern audiences to enjoy; 6.Musical "Yuan Longping" is China's first presentation and praise was "moved China" plays the honorary title of contemporary scientists, entertaining, let the audience in music and dance to perceive the great scientists of extraordinary experience and achievements。 Professor of the Department of Central Academy of Drama Musical, the musical "Yuan Longping," the general director said the play Li Xionghui artistic features as follows: 1, the musical "Yuan Longping" spread angle of the story, unique and novel (a seed change the world), Seeing, to figures from the event itself, the ordinary to see great; 2, the musical "Yuan Longping" Hunan is rich in regional characteristics; (such as music absorbed the folk tune Hunan, Hunan local opera and other elements, "Liuyang River" melody throughout the play , the stage show has a wealth of local scenery Hunan。 On the stage design between the King and the people take care of each other in the process of theater, opera scenes with natural switching in the case of bright field, the passage of time, the steady rhythm of the play in the switching time and space, natural and smooth。 ) 3, the musical "Yuan Longping" organic combination of romanticism and realism, such as "Moonlight vegetable shed," "stand out wild rice", "Wo under the shade Dream", and hybrid rice research exceptionally difficult reality corresponds (laboratory, farmland flooded, etc.), that reflects the high degree of responsibility and Yuan Longping mind the world of love big pregnant; 4, the musical "Yuan Longping" organic combination of lines, singing, dancing, and to promote the development of character and presents the story; 5, the musical "Yuan Longping" lyrics with a strong narrative, lyrical, philosophical, literary。