Thursday subdued market performance differences。
The Shanghai Composite Index was down close, but SSE 50 has gone up more than 1% rebound in Shenzhen three major indexes about half the decline yesterday's; two cities stocks in most of the morning time is the red disk of a slight majority, but in the afternoon it soon fell into a majority, closing stocks fell nearly Qicheng close, stock index rose again down the situation, the situation display field holding the majority of the chips lack confidence in the future for some time。 Insurance stocks rose today, Ping An Bank and China Merchants Bank rose red plate, other financial stocks are basically down。 Good performance of property stocks yesterday and the day before the review recommended Vanke and Poly Real Estate led the gains, Poly Real Estate closed up nearly 7%。
Magnets stocks mainly red plate Hengdian East magnetic driven only stocks rose, including other rare earths, nonferrous metals, coal, gold, lithium, etc. graphene scarce resource stocks are down。
Chemical industry performance differences, glyphosate stocks fell, strong performance this year Wanhua Chemical, Cangzhou Dahua, the three friends chemicals, chlor-alkali chemical, petrochemical satellite, Jiangshan Chemical, Luxi Chemical, Shandong Haihua, Fangda chemicals, Zhejiang Longsheng, RunTu and so stocks are shares against the market trend。
Vitamin stocks continued to rally today and the recent cumulative increase is not small, the industry leader and to limit the impact of new, Zhejiang Medicine, brothers technology, Kingdomway and so are not small gains。 Liquor is rose, Maotai are the seven hundred, and electrical and bio-medicine, etc. is also a large consumer industries more stocks also red plate stocks。 Two cities stocks fell nearly Qi Cheng, a lot, and today's closing limit has nearly twenty。
It is worth mentioning that the Bank of Shanghai, the tickets since the end of July continued to decline, it opened limit down today, opened limit down because of restricted shares lifted circulation。
We also remember when May First Capital brokerage stocks only continuous limit cut trend is not?I was also warned of the advance notice, but also because of restricted shares lifted circulation。
Saturday and everyone on this public consultation to answer question No. exchanges, heavily loaded with a friend Hua Securities and asked what I thought, I remember my reply biggest concern is that it is a sub-shares, will soon have a large number of restricted shares to be lifting of the ban circulated。。.。
Stock selection time must be concerned about this issue, especially for those stocks plate is too large, the minority shareholders of those new shares of restricted shares held by the original cost is very low, and so many small shareholders must have money and a ban on the circulation like to see naked women, like goat…。
In addition to these new shares of restricted shares lifted circulation caused by bad outside, and those who have been set by the constant increase more shares, set by the current stock price significantly lower than the market price, but also on high alert lifted its deadline, certain to avoid。
Restricted shares lifted bearish fundamentals of risk, short revisit the classic case of a technical。