R & F Yesterday's defense to Wu Lei scored four goals。 Guangzhou Daily Reporter Liao Yi photo all media Guangzhou Daily News (all media reporters Xie Zekai) Guangzhou R & F at home Yuexiu Mountain Stadium across 9 season 10 wins and a draw unbeaten record is history。 Yesterday, the Super 3, Guangzhou R & F in the case of start of the race only 8 minutes two-goal lead, the final port of Shanghai on the tragic reversal of 5 to 2。
After the game, R & F coach 斯托伊科维 Qi Tan words: "This score……I can understand, because of our own too many mistakes。 "This two-goal lead but will not play after the end of 2 to 5 race, boring big half when fans suddenly erupted exit applause and cheers。
It turned out that R & F foreign aid Zahavi's son came to the stadium to play。 From 2 to 0-2 than 5, an imaginary becomes lost a large margin of victory, let the fans was very upset Guangzhou。 But Zahavi son play, gave the fans a comfort and fun。
  The first 28 Super League last season, Guangzhou R & F in the port of Shanghai home to 2 to 1 victory over the opponent, breaking unbeaten home on the harbor "gilded"。 But before last night, R & F in Yuexiu Mountain Stadium has 10 cross season unbeaten, 9 wins and 1。 As a result, R & F unbeaten home "gilded" also ended in the hands of the Port。 Like last season, the two teams that conflict in Yuexiu Mountain Stadium, you come to me, have to discuss with each other no favors。
  This time is their own R & F ruined a good Board。
Opening just 8 minutes, Guangzhou R & F on the two-goal lead, but then will not play in the team becomes the leading case, both offense and defense have lost their own style。
And more and more mature on the Hong Kong Shanghai, even two goals behind, it is still not in disarray。
  "We have a perfect start, but then entered the two goals, the players can not seem to play their own style of football, started playing a long pass, it does not look normal。 Hong Kong on the strength of very strong, have the ability to go-ahead score。
Our defense has done is not enough, their own mistakes, the other will punish us。
"Stojkovic said after the game。
  A mistake campus football will not commit before the game, the focus of R & F arranged mark opponents important task of the players, but the game look, the players did not accomplish this task。
Stojkovic's unprecedented criticism of the defense severely: "Our defense today, too naive, too childish!Professional game to commit such a mistake, the other side will seize the opportunity to punish you。
Especially the first two clean sheets too naive, this low-level errors may not appear in the campus football。
"R & F of the defensive end did not locked into Hulk and Wu Lei, also lost offensive style of the past。 As ursolic said after the game, the mentality of the players in a hurry, "We usually play is not the case, we must quickly solve the problem, to prepare for the next game。
"The day before, he is to join the R & F Ding Haifeng whole day for two months。 The campaign, the largest R & F array is perhaps under pressure of frequent mistakes Ding Haifeng。
This season, Ding Haifeng Jiang Zhipeng and exchange club, after three league, the performance of the two new teams in the outside world do not make satisfactory。
Stojkovic campaign's first substitution adjustments, it is replaced with Lu Lin Ding Haifeng。   "For the Port of defeat is not shameful, we have to better to analyze the details of efforts to improve。 "Stojkovic said after the game。