What are tips for skiing Skiing is a very good one kind of a sport, it is not only on the human body has many benefits, but also to cultivate an interest。
But probably because of limited space, ski sport a lot of people still do not understand。 Following small to bring ski tips for everyone, do they help you master Oh transfiguration!Ski tips right choice, the right choice of wearing ski boots, skis, ski poles, do first warm-up activities in the primary ski driving range。 The right to choose the right boots should be to make your shin bone, the heel, the foot is gripped without a sense of oppression, to be able to bend the ankle, the toes can grip activities, in short, to make boots and feet as a whole。
The right ski pole grip with both hands holding the snow wearing battle。 So as not to fall, throw out the snow battle。
After put on skis, snow battle both hands firmly inserted into both sides of the body in the snow, allowing the body to maintain balance。 Meanwhile feet as we walk forward, the pace of adjustment and snow battle each other, can be unified rhythm。 Before wearing skis, snowboard put two on the ground, his hands in the execution stick support plate wear has。 Skiing first forefoot tips snowboard binding implantation, when the skis, simply lift the rear of the holder, the inner portion of the holder is inserted into the front groove of the front end of the ski boot, the ski boot down firmly heel, audible "pop" sound, the fixture has front and rear ends of the ski boot is firmly stuck in the skis。 Standing position in the snow。
Remember not to keep your feet comfortable while swinging in the boot, that might be a sprained foot。
Wear boots walking in snow moderate steps, first with the heel by。
Outdoor ski skiing skill of walking although that is carried out in downhill snow, but there was still a lot we need to be gentle walk, then when the skis should remain parallel state forward。