BEIJING, March 18, according to US media reports, the video on social networking sites to display on a Southwest Airlines flight because crying 2-year-old girls, she and her father was ousted aircraft。 A 2-year-old girl and her father was off the plane because she was crying on the machine。
On: (ABC TV video capture Source) It is reported that the incident occurred March 14, from Chicago to Atlanta flights。
The plane ready to take off, but because of fear of a year-old girl cry father asked the crew little time to appease the girls, although girls' final emotional calm and obediently sat down, but the plane then returned to the gate, father and daughter were crew off the plane。   Passengers witnessed Armstrong (AlexisArmstrong) said the little girl crying with fear, her father asked the crew to give him a few minutes to deal with the situation, and give her some of the popcorn, then the little girl's emotions calm down slowly, back to his seat, but flight attendants still requires the father and daughter away from the airport security cabin。   Father attempts to communicate with the crew, but the flight attendant replied: This is the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, there is no room for discussion。   Armstrong also said that she was called to stop shooting, and Mind your own business。 After Armstrong video posted to social networking sites, Internet users have been criticized Southwest Airlines。
  Southwest Airlines issued a statement that preliminary reports indicate that a dialogue between the crew and passengers with small children occur upgrade。 The statement said that for any inconvenience caused by this incident to apologize。   The identity of the woman involved in the incident has not been announced。