Resulting in people feeling not, there are three gas, have hurt the breast。The high incidence of the disease, more than half from negative emotional energy。
  What are four gas it has?  1, resentment: resentment derived from one。  2, stuffiness: occurred between husband and wife, two men on a never-ending, and who do not speak to each other, sulky, sullen but not always "sunny"。This stuffiness is also a "cold violence", the body will be virtually injury。
Between husband and wife sulking most bodily harm。
  3, anger: For the impatient character of the people, it is easy to break out of anger。Five health pointed out that anger harms liver, angry people not Shu qi, chest tightness, chest rib pain。
This gas if not controlled, the most harmful。The body will leave marks。
  The reason why people get sick, the root cause is the most primitive kind, which have explained in the "Yellow Emperor"。  A raw gas, once destroyed, leading to diseases and diseases caused by cold Shushi and other external causes are different, will directly damage the internal organs function, the incidence of more serious。It will directly damage the internal organs function, the incidence of more serious。
  Tiaoshen ShunQi health include the following aspects: First, woolly-headed。  Things have not happened, think too much; what is happening, do not be too bothered; what has happened, let it be。
  Second, follow the season。  Lively spring, summer smooth, quiet autumn, winter is hidden and not vent。Let the spirit with the external environment changes。  The third is to control emotions。
  "Endure a moment of anger, worry-free hundred days。"Four is to have spiritual sustenance。  Listen to music, you can also get gardening grass。
As long as people have a spiritual, life will be full of confidence, reduce unnecessary。
In addition, people are too angry love, but also may be suffering from "depression"。According to World Health Organization statistics, over 60 years old suffer from senile depression probability of 7% -10%, suffering from high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and the incidence is as high as 50%。  Such a person, in order to adjust the attitude, laugh three minutes a day, laughter can relieve fatigue, reduce stress, help the lungs to expand, promote digestion, so that gradually reduce depression; forget their troubles for 5 minutes, tell yourself "this world nothing, much ado the "lay down their worries will feel very relaxed。When pressed quickly the liver, according to Taichong point to remember, angry is that taking other people's mistakes punish yourself, people angry is the source of all diseases。