Jujube is no wonder the blood artifact, but its effect is far more than blood, eat different effect actually produced as many as twelve kinds of different。I do not know, and you're out。
  1 steamed dates: prevention Chinese medicine, jujube has nursed back to health organs, blood tonic effect, eat jujube can play a preventive role。Asthma, especially older patients should adhere to eat steamed dates, jujube generally eat 5, jujube eat eight to mention the spirit, enhance the body immunity。
  2 red dates tea: red dates qi nursing throat after Chaohei tea drink, to treat cold stomach, stomach pain。If you then add the dried longan, it is the blood and qi of tea, for teachers, salespersons and other persons using high frequency voice。
  3 jujube soup: cough lungs Shen Yu Tang as a "side will effect" describes the dates with the soup, sugar and white fungus, can cough lungs。  Material: Tremella: 20 g (about half a flower), dates: 20, sugar: 60 g (component may be added or subtracted according to everyone's taste) Method: The hair open fungus on the water, pluck pedicle head, torn small, and dates together into the pot sugar, water bowls 6, the fire to boil, switch to gentle heat and cook for half an hour, you can turn off。
  4 red dates boiled eggs, blood and beauty dates longan boil brown sugar plus water, rotten to the date when the longan cotton, beat eggs; continuing low heat Wu cooked eggs。Red dates, longan and brown sugar has a blood effect, cook the eggs are nutritious。  5 red dates porridge, sedative sleep aids Chinese speaking, women have manic anxiety, restlessness and other symptoms。
Available amount lily, lotus seeds with red dates conditioning。If the cook and millet, red dates can better utilize tranquilizing。  6 dates sparkling wine, red dates patency during immersion, nutrient-rich organic matter easier dissolution in wine。For maintaining patency has some effect。  7 dates flood damage, Liver detoxification experiments show that daily drinking water jujube to the liver function of poor people, for one week can increase the body serum protein, so as to achieve the efficacy of detoxification of the liver。
  A brew details dried red dates it determines the level of effectiveness。
Dates leathery skin bad digestion, if the entire infusion teeth, it is difficult to complete dissolution of the active ingredient, it is best to break apart and then brew。  8 fresh jujube boil water, a strong stomach raw materials: the new harvest dates, fresh dates are available or only drying the date。  Method: The freshly harvested jujube break open, remove and Zaopi pit, roasted fine low heat until fragrant smell。Then toasted date boiled water to drink。
5-7 jujube eat pieces, plus Codonopsis, Atractylodes common, more deficiency, spleen and stomach。  9 cook jujube, jujube rice parameters longevity, Sun Simiao would highly recommend this side, that the jujube is so practical, can stomach qi, longevity。
If physical weakness, blood is not filled, poor quality of sleep, after taking will enable people blood gas flow, light as tireless。
  Ingredients: Codonopsis 10-20 grams, jujube 20, rice 250 grams, 50 grams of sugar。  Method: Codonopsis and jujube Fried water for half an hour, remove the slag Codonopsis; steamed glutinous rice, rice jujube plated on the date Ginseng add sugar syrup is poured on a fried food can be eaten。