This life, I came to find you, no regrets, as you keep a lifetime obsession, in the distance, silently watch。    Inscription——    Finally meet with you, if I recorded a few memories of the world, this world is destined to come look for you。In the distance, I look different places, whether you wait until the flower of life fade and I reunited。Finally, the quiet will see the end of a story, the outcome is not intended to neighbor, maybe too emotional, tears have been non-stop with the story flowing, for the love and persistence touched ownership, as a pure dedication love can not last long but heart is feeling。Perhaps this is left to the audience to guess the director of fans, people to imagine, it is difficult to forget。    Listening to a song, it has been unable to calm state of mind, living in the reality of our lives, and how much of the frustration and pain of love, and how many people and hard to forget the past。Person's life, can be a long or a short time, but met no regrets really can love a few people?True, the world is hard to find, if I live this life, I met you, I would love to make every effort to leave you, the sorrow for themselves。Have been longing for the realm of Zen cloud water, and then after all, is living in the mortal world, how will you escape a“situation”Word entangled, suddenly met you, there is no reason to give you a feeling place。Never wanted to talk about, it will be a miracle Saatchi fireworks, do not dare to expect the arrangement of God will change the number of lives, would pity me a feeling of wandering in the wind。    Distance, that arrived at the place, I am still a worldly woman, this life is destined for you to stay。Through the mountains and rivers, through the crowded and bustling city, where you are, which I was at the corner of a chance encounter with you。Maybe, fate really is a very wonderful thing, never thought of before two people meet, unanticipated outcome will be, just as it suddenly appeared in front of each other, is returning to the familiar, past lives is owned by silent feel。Many times, I kept thinking, laughing lips blooming flowers, quiet beauty is you never seen tenderness; very often, reading a book, read a paragraph, you will come about as a residence in my mind, the warm wind as a ray of warm wind blowing my heart lake, the ripples miss knew it Dangqi。    You listen, hear me, a beautiful and plaintive song, a relationship with a sincere talk?I know, I believe you will understand, can understand to read between heart quietly spread with each other, which, as we could not speak of love, though silent, but growth in the depths of the soul。Fall in love with the text, but not the head of a drawing affection for you, too flowery words did not dare to touch, afraid of accidentally shallow you to pamper me a heart。At the moment, the night Juyi Peng water, allow me grind a pool of blue ink, twist three thousand tenderness, write a paper about the secret distant, consistent, I write to wait, such as Mo wind, I heard that he came , hold my hand, when I ask shed helpless tears to grieve。    Time shallow, sweet years, to bring a touch of sentiment in the fleeting years, I think, if time queen law, live Tathagata live Qing, how good。However, the reality is really too cruel, so if we can properly guarding love, without too much glitz, only wish good quiet time, you my life secure sufficient。When the loneliness of the long hair blowing autumn wind caressing the face of the season, I could not bear to break the years of quiet, so pick up a falling leaves in the wind, caught in the yellowing book memo in the autumn of breath, the thoughts ran aground, dusty deep。I said, you from afar, or may not, as in love。    Night, listening to the wind blowing from the ear, the dough, the clear, no noise during the day everything is quiet in the dark。Sitting under soft lighting, feel tired for a long time, struggling to end several times a heart can not escape the pressures of life bestowed, watching the time slip away a single minute of every day by the fingers, I still sit silent in time, will a flying softest mind it either tune out。Maybe, I'm really not an obedient woman, stubborn bones of the end can not let yourself live too confused, he stepped into the threshold of October suddenly found himself tired, strong efforts will always inadvertently become vulnerable and helpless。    Has been fortunate to have on your side, you appreciate the warmth, comfort and overall feel have to rely anxious when alone, you understand me speechless and loss。You say that our heart is the heart have, so I believe that our hearts will always be closely linked forever, listening again”distance“This song, this time to have a heart of love and happiness。”The Galaxy fell in love with the sky flowing quietly, covered with a dream Seduction, wet eyes, can not stop the sentimental moment against your shoulder, remember your initial simple appearance, and now has gone through the vicissitudes of life even if there is pain, I also I would like waiting forever by your side。….."This life, I came to find you, no regrets, as you keep a lifetime obsession, in the distance, silently watch。    Text: makeup silent