Birds flutter already past my sky, but do not want to become my error scenery。    Xu breeze, I stood in the corner of the season, continue to watch you fly in the sky。You are a little bird, fly constantly, constantly looking to find a constant to rely on, that's your nature。You like water Pi River, unexpected way, and gone and left, light does not disturb a cloud。    Autumn rain, as thin lines, wait I miss the two ends are tied。Waiting for you occasionally crossed my air, I pass by surprise。Wait wait, after all, the sky is no longer the shadow of your speeding。Without your sky, even the sun would be avoiding me, all the flowers also eclipsed。But you do not come, I can not grow old。    The depths of the Red, who is no longer with me were a dream。Vaguely dream, dream no longer hold me, who no longer cry for me。Silent watch, standing silently became my corner of the Red。Time drifting away, to read, but timeless, and the wind was clear from the blossom。    Sky high, leaving no trace of wings, but you lightly place, but it became the resting-place of my heart。This life, whether you are or not, deep in my heart, and never forsake you。Just a pipa language, patiently flick。    This life is doomed, love and hatred can not drank crazy Mirage, I stood there, looking forward to a overgrown roses that stars do not believe you do not have a little bit of sense。The Classic, I let my thoughts carry a cloud, so she drifted across my sky, you also drifting in the air。    Askew picture, tempting and charming。I can not favorites, as it gently away, as I have never been in the same。You like Lonely wind swing over my heart ray of gray, so true that I broke into a city。Four Seasons gorgeous city, when the bloom again, followed Qiannian swaying, like a lonely kissed, in the depths of penetration of the season。    Flowers floated, scattered depth raft elongated element widens。Thoughts also grow into a tree, she woke up sad night。Dusty lake, the ripple of the rippling sound of silence, after being diffused again and again, but also a lingering tenderness trickling。    Town stop, twist prime hand light ray of faith, quietly placed on the fleeting years of gazing at the lotus posture in order to bloom in your landscape, and you stand on this side。