With their own gradually grow up, they need to feel more and more simple, he is also more simple.Sometimes go out to play, someone will ask, do not understand how this.I would think like this before, how can we understand, now I would like to, but fortunately do not understand. Because the people around them, have done well, it is actually very simple and very simple, so simple that we do not believe. Six months ago, said Taobao difficult, he has been looking for methods.A few days ago the group also asked students to our university, now Taobao what better way.And with six months ago it is not the same as six months ago, we discussed, but not now. A question asked more often still no solution, time off for half a year is still the same, many people numb. And we want at all know, if he could have done, are doing very well so early.But not always wanted to do.So it is he knows a lot of himself in the end are also confused, but they are nothing but things still do not at all. For things to do, in fact, doing a little on it.A little extreme, a little further, a little further to really make money. Thought of this, I think early on, I buy a laptop. At that time in fact much money, but they compare their own greed, so always buy a lot of functions.But also a touch screen, that this is what the latest.But it is rarely think about those internal.We want to know under, behind very slow. Because much money could have been, but also requires a lot of features. So there are times, I finally understand.Buy a computer can not buy a lot of functions. But the price must be expensive.So until now to the back, and we must be very comfortable. And this just like we do Taobao, Ali do.If we think of what to do, it really is hard.For example, our prices, our description of our conversion, our sales activities on.But if you can focus a little like. For example, we only do a SEO, others do not want to, so to achieve the ultimate, the harvest is the biggest. For example, I have a friend is to help people make Lynx operators, he did very well. But he has only 2 strokes.2 strokes are what move it, a move that SEO, a move the old customers. He said that when your activities on the research, I study in search engine optimization, when you promote research outside the station, I study search engine optimization, when you study Taobao customers, I study search engine optimization.Because I do deep, so there are ways to achieve the ultimate. He added later, if you are proficient in anything, then I’m sure you have not people, but God. But that is by 2 strokes so common, in fact, I believe that these strokes on a lot of people have seen the network. But more people are looking at have been watching have been watching, and not to do, always wanted to see better. In our group, I have been advocating, we must recruit agents, even though we are the agent of others.Still we can continue to recruit agents.Why is it like this.Because then equal to replicate.Segmentation, specialization. But everybody else is that when we recruit agents, not just write a few words recruit agents.But a process, a system.For example, the threshold for each agent have done the minimum.Equal fool can operate this way, make money. For example, I have a friend that is like this, of course, is the manufacturer himself.So his task is to find a person to write every day to talk about, then a camera.Then three other people is to keep adding people.Camera that also help deliver.Then no other. 6 people is like this company, he has every day of leisurely, but three months to hire more than 200 agents. What he’s selling it, lobular red sandalwood.He also added how it Agent.Very simple, all active plus.His three employees have basic salary, but also add a person to a dollar.Because of the high wages, a day plus employees have been working like mad. So, his staff is very simple.The camera has been shot, plus people have been added, to talk about the writing has been written. But also because of the process, so their efficiency is very good.Also, the agent for them, is very simple. What are their agents to do it every day.Just do two things.Just add people every day, and then copy their circle of friends to talk about the hair, just copy these two steps a day is like, there is no third step.Then there are single, his delivery. Not to mention really, really super good selling.Because he got everything simple, because simple, so the ultimate. We seriously think the next, and if we do this, do that, how can there be so much time.It is to be packaged, and shipped to.We do not have so much energy.But to do this, everything is simple.Even a fool have a way to do. So many of her summer vacation, let them at home who Riga.Hair circle of friends. So, why the micro-channel can do the people business, really it is like this.Let us not threshold. Fuzhou have a friend, that I have written before, now more violent.Ali would often meet him there, he was also on the Fuzhou television, a lot of interviews.He is selling what it is chopsticks.Alibaba chopsticks did it first. What he has done is it a trick, is scalping.But is such a move, he did it first. A lot of people he did was get on the ground.Perhaps many people think, this simple, really do find a simple. But the ultimate is not easy to do, like diving, in fact, more down, the resistance is greater. But really deep, we will find that that is not the same scenery.Simply can not see on the sea. Old wanted someone previously independent station, spent a lot of money, asked people to do a lot of independent stations, but every day poisoning.We later added to the group, I said, in fact, doing a good Ali.Because of Pu, station rankings, as well as corporate official website. The price of a year, certainly had that price is lower than his, but also has great confidence in it. I did not expect him to go directly to open.Pu open in the day, he was still upload them, even out of a single. He said that all drunk.After a previous single, optimized to three months, and now the next day there. In fact, the network is really amazing.And everything will also become easier.Thinking of many years ago, we really do network will think like him, do independent station, then that optimization.But this way a single really slow. Now we do not need the space, no domain name, no fear of being black, you can do a direct. Ali not only the public but also No..Can enterprises in the above office. These things we previously unthinkable.Would have a very difficult thing, it is very simple, you do not need the site. These, Tencent said in a speech last boss, in fact, long after they came to understand why they focused only on the links.The sold Sogou search, the site was sold to Jingdong.But he said that the future will be more simple, only the most good. Then open not good, because he found something to do, one is not enough, we must all work together. Such as games, he did not need their own development, but also pumping point line, then the platform to others. So, a lot of things in the world really is simpler and more happiness.Because only simple, only way to achieve the ultimate, only the extreme.In order to really make money.And simple people are happy people.Extreme, like a simple rectilinear. 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