My father has been away from me for nearly three years. He is an ordinary farmer. Although he has not left any considerable material legacy to my family, he has given me unlimited strength in spirit.. His life, though simple and unadorned, was made up of many trivial matters, but so far it has made me unforgettable!     My father has 8 siblings. You can imagine how difficult it was in those days.. As a child, my mother was suffering from mental illness. I remember that on a late autumn moonlit night, she ran away from home because of her illness. My father took my younger brother and I after hearing the news and followed the country road for several kilometers before finding my mother home.. Just when I was 8 years old, my only sister and a few friends played by the pond and unfortunately fell into the water.. It took a long time for the friends to let the villagers know that when my father went to rescue, the drowning time was too long to heal.. My father often told us at that time that he heard my sister say that I was back every night several times.! I just know now that it was an illusion that my father was thinking about his daughter.. How painful it was to him after losing his daughter at that time!     When I was two years old, my father started feeding a sow in order to support a difficult family. In order to find cheap feed, he went to a winery in a market town more than ten miles away by himself and picked out a load of 200 kg of wine residue. There was no road or car from the village to the market town at that time.. People travel by foot. Due to overwork, when my father entered the house, he felt his body had an ominous omen.. Indeed as expected father vomit blood, fell ill in bed. Due to poor family circumstances and no money for medical treatment, they just called barefoot doctors in the village and lost two bottles of ordinary liquid medicine. That is, since then, my father has had a serious heart attack.     In order to take care of his sick father in the village, he was made an agricultural mechanic. At that time, my father became a famous machine repairman..     At that time, the rural areas had already implemented the household contract responsibility system, each with its own responsibility field, and two or three households in the village began to buy a set of farm machinery equipment together.. The machine broke down and people always asked my father for help to repair it. Whenever this time, he will put aside his own affairs and help others! This kind of behavior of his has a subtle influence on my growth.     My father was willing to spend money on the study and growth of my brothers and sisters. We liked reading comic books since childhood. As long as he arrived in the county seat, he would never forget to buy some so-called comic books and story books.. I now clearly remember what I like to participate in the Spring and Autumn Story ” Regulations” Warring States Story ” Regulations” Romance of the Three Kingdoms ” Regulations” Journey to the West ” Regulations” Yue Fei Chuan Regulations and so on. The seeds of love for literature also emerged from then on.     In November 2002, I harvested the rice from my family and prepared to go out to work with my wife. At that time, my two younger brothers were both working in Dongguan.. At this time, his father was as thin as a log, and he was seriously ill and could get worse at any time.. But for the sake of the family’s life, he urged us not to worry about the family and to take care of the three grandchildren when we set out to separate..     From then on, my father and I only contacted each other on the phone, and he always told us with a smile that our health is much better than before. As food prices have risen in recent years, more than ten acres of farmland have been planted at home.. Finally, on one occasion, when I called my daughter from junior high school, I learned that her father’s health was getting worse and thinner and her father asked her to bring some medicine to stop her illness every month when she came home from the holiday..     At noon on May 31, 2005, I suddenly received a phone call from my family’s seventh uncle telling me that my father was critically ill and went home quickly! I took a holiday in the company that night and hurried home from Guangzhou with my wife and two younger brothers the next morning.. At TWELVE on the third day, we arrived at the county bus station. While waiting for the bus, we received a phone call from my cousin, crying and telling me that Uncle San is dying. Where have you been? At this time, my heart was like a knife wringing and tears welled up in my eyes.. I hurriedly called a taxi and asked the driver to speed up on the road with fewer people and fewer cars.. At 14: 00 p.m., only more than 100 meters away from home, the news came: Father died just a few minutes ago. I got out of the car and rushed into the house. My father’s body lay quietly on the east side of the main room with his eyes open, and my uncle and uncle were all beside him with tears. Grandfather and grandmother were crying, especially my mother was in a state of extreme sadness and bereavement.. This scene, I can no longer control my sad mood, crying . Ah, my two younger brothers are crying over their faces. I cried and said that my father wanted to fight death with his last strength, and wanted to have a last look at us.. However, it is a pity that you are not satisfied with your death! This is the biggest irreparable pain we feel ashamed of our father..     When we were sorting out our father’s belongings, dozens of letters I sent home in a few years were neatly placed on his bedside and photos we sent. I heard my mother say that my father sat in bed many times in the middle of the night reading these letterheads because he couldn’t sleep due to illness. I don’t know how many times he read them.. This is clearly he is thinking of children who are far away from home! When we opened my father’s wardrobe, we found a pocket radio that I knew well, because he liked listening to the radio at ordinary times, so when I decided to go out to work, I bought it from a shopping mall in town and gave it to my father before I left.. A few years, intact. As his life was dying, he carefully wrapped it up and put it in the wardrobe.     Less than two weeks after my father’s funeral, I left my third brother at home to watch my father’s dead and my mother in distress because of the need of the company’s work.. I took my father’s pocket radio with deep affection for my father and son and set out to leave the house.    My father has been away from us for nearly three years. Today, I still clearly remain in the depths of my memory because of his looks and sounds.. Whenever I encounter difficulties and difficulties, I will think of him and his strong will to come out of the difficulties. Think of his indomitable spirit of fighting against fate. Think of the optimistic manner in which he faced the disease and was bullied by death.. This is the spiritual strength I gained from my father!     May my father rest in peace underground!     22 May 2008