misty rain and misty rain. Outside the window are banana forests and litchi forests that can’t be seen at a glance. The green belts near the roadside are all kinds of unknown flowers and plants, red, yellow and pink, all the more charming in the rain..     Bauhinia flower is the only flower I know. It’s brilliant and warm. It looks like a woman dressed warmly and makes people want to kiss her.. Close to each river or river channel, there are many people living near the water. Under the balcony is the river within reach, resting on the water and sleeping. This is a beautiful thing! I always feel that living in such a place, living by water, raising a few pots of flowers and plants, and getting a few pots of goldfish are elegant and tranquil fairy days.!     If you choose, I want to go to phoenix, on the bank of tuojiang river, to see Mr Shen congwen’s statue of Cui Cui in the border town regulations. the ancient city of phoenix always gives me endless reverie. Lijiang is not very attractive to me. She is popular. Too many tourists have destroyed the customs there. She has turned the comfort of her soul into a fast food like lunch box.. It is said that if you want to find an affair, you can take away the woman or man you want in the karaoke bars and restaurants according to the posture of some people holding cigarettes..     It is a great enjoyment to say that living in the water while sleeping in the pillow and listening to the oar’s voice while listening to the sound of the oar, and’ painting a boat while listening to the rain and sleeping’ has a special flavor.. I was even absorbed in this kind of imagination. The rolled passenger ship is not suitable for me. I took fish fillets, side dishes and beer on the deck and found a table to sit down. I couldn’t calm down except for pouring beer to see the seagulls flying on the sea and the noisy tourists in the photo sightseeing area.. The painting boat is different, but one or two people, either relatively silent or not talking about everything, or wine or tea, are calm and quiet and can face their own hearts more truly.. In that quiet, you can paste fragments of memory and connect them into a map that comes along the way.. But life is busy and leisure is a luxury desire. Stopped and was somewhat disoriented. This is the common fault of many social people, right. All the way through the dust, peace of mind to go on.